My journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle started long before The Good Food Gallery, if only I’d known how much support I would get I probably would have done it earlier! I have never been obese but was always overweight as a child until my first year at university when I was prompted to make a change for the better, I started watching my snacking habits and eating nutritious and wholesome foods instead of stodgy dinners and lots of carbs! I had an unhealthy attachment to ‘treating’ myself if I’d done well or was upset, and this was ALWAYS through food, usually the unhealthy kind.

The Instagram posts started as a way to keep me motivated whilst working a job with long hours and hopefully inspire people to do the same, and soon The Good Food Gallery blog was born!

My diet now generally consists of low carb, high protein and high fat (the healthy kind) foods, with lots of fruit and vegetables included. You will find a lot of my meals are low or contain no gluten and dairy products however I am flexible with both – it’s pretty tricky to socialise, visit family and generally enjoy life without encountering these things so I don’t beat myself up if I end up indulging every now and then. It sounds restrictive but I absolutely love the food I eat (including the huge quantity of it) and have found amazing alternatives to all of my old favourites so I don’t miss it at all!


J x

IMG_5012IMG_3051Sweet omelette

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