My favourite breakfast recipes

I generally find that for me, eating low carbs but high protein works as it keeps me full between meals to prevent unnecessary snacking. A small amount of carbohydrates is good for energy but I prefer to get this predominantly from vegetables instead of sugary cereals or breakfast bars.

I’ve made a list of my favourite breakfasts below, some take slightly longer than others so are better to make at the weekend but some take little to no time at all, so no excuses!


  1. The speedy one



Now this can contain any number of fillings, but if you’re looking for speed you want something which will cook quickly (or doesn’t even require being cooked)! I try and include some kind of meat such as ham, chorizo, tuna or smoked salmon – these provide essential proteins along with the eggs. I then add veggies which can be any number of things but my time savers are: Spinach, tomato, spring onion, kale, mushrooms and peas. These all cook in super quick time, although if I have longer I love adding red onions, courgettes and leeks but these do take a bit longer to cook.


My favourite omelette trick is to cook in the frying pan just until the bottom is cooked then transfer to a grill which cooks the top nice and quickly to save time or any flipping!



Another option with your omelette is to make the night before if you can eat it cold (which doesn’t bother me!) or make into more of a frittata then slice up and eat for breakfast numerous days running.


Here are some of my favourite recipes:


  1. The weekend one

Fry up

I’m sure when you generally think of a fry up you’re thinking greasy streaky bacon, fried eggs coated in oil and most would probably consider as an unhealthy breakfast. Well I disagree, when done properly this can be a great breakfast, full of healthy fats and protein to set you up for the day. Here’s what’s on my plate:


  • Bacon medallions, grilled
  • Sausages (the lean kind, Heck food even do chicken sausages!), grilled
  • Tomato, grilled or fried in coconut oil
  • Rye bread/crackers (usually just a slice so I have something to eat the avocado with, Rye is much lower in gluten than your usual breads which I find suits me better)
  • Avocado (my favourite – either mash with some lemon juice/chilli flakes or just slice!)
  • Smoked salmon, usually as a replacement for bacon/sausages every now and then!
  • Saving the best till last… EGGS! These can be poached, scrambled or fried if you like (I use coconut oil), these are essential and contain so many nutrients and healthy fats and proteins



  1. The treat one


This feels so indulgent but its great and contains so few ingredients and you can top with whatever you have handy!

The most basic form of this recipe has two basic ingredients and you can add whatever you fancy as toppings, and for a post gym treat you can add protein powders to add flavour and help repair those muscles.


Ingredients (serves 1):

1 ripe banana

2 eggs


  1. Mash banana, add eggs and whisk everything together
  2. At this point add any other optional fillings you want such as blueberries, flaxseed, cinnamon etc
  3. Heat coconut oil in a frying pan and pour either small American style pancakes or just one large pancake, cook for a couple of minutes on each side
  4. Transfer to a plate and serve with fruit, honey, nuts, nut butter and any other toppings you fancy


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