Happy new year!

Apologies it’s been a while since I posted here, i’ve been a very busy bee! Since I last wrote I have moved into a new house (and started decorating it!), been looking after my boyfriend who had a knee operation a few weeks ago, enjoying christmas with my family and revising for my final year exams (not so much of that last one has actually happened..) which has been so so exciting!

2015 has been literally the most amazing year for me and I can’t believe it’s nearly over already, but there is just enough time left for me to tell you my new years resolutions:

  1. I want to get to the end of a fitness plan that I start – I tend to be very good at reading up on plans and starting them but getting bored and going back to an unstructured ‘do-my-own-thing’ after a week or so, but I have signed up to the Results with Lucy six pack abs plan so by my holiday in March I should be sporting some lovely abs! (fingers crossed)
  2. I love filling my life with lots of exciting things but I often try and fit too much in and burn out very quickly… so my plan is to take a little bit of time out once a week to let my brain relax, be it colouring, yoga or just relaxing to some music, I have a feeling this resolution will actually be harder than the first one…

My advice for setting yourself new years resolutions is firstly making sure they are not going to overwhelm you, i’ve just stuck to two so i’m more likely to succeed by just focusing on those.. and secondly to tell people that you trust to support you so they can help keep you on track. It’s so much easier if you’re not going at it alone!

So finally I just wanted to say thank you for all the support in 2015, The Good Food Gallery is still small but it makes me so happy creating lots of delicious meals to share and seeing what other people can do too.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year,

Josi x



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