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One month and counting…

Hi everyone!

It’s one month today that I go on a lovely break away with my boyfriend to Florida which I’ve been looking forward to for months! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around but I can’t wait. As it is so close I have set myself a couple of daily tasks which I usually do in the run up to a holiday to make me feel as happy and confident as possible – I hope these help any of you preparing to jet off somewhere exciting…

  • Drink lots of water – I drink a lot of water anyway but I am currently aiming for about 3/4 litres a day at least to really flush out my system and make me feel as good as possible. I love having a big water bottle for this, like this one from Bobble:

  • Anyone who doesn’t love water… these fruit infusion bottles are great to add flavour and extra goodness from the fruits and veggies! (Even better they are giving you all 10% off for valentines weekend!)

  • Pack lunches for work – although this takes organisation and advance preparation I find this really helps as I can get loads of skin and body loving veggies in there with lean sources of protein and healthy fats, my go to is roasted veg with spinach and chicken or turkey breast. This also helps you avoid processed sugars or pre-packaged lunches packed with unwanted chemicals and sugars!IMG_0744
  • Finally, I work out most mornings if I can with a combination of HIIT and weight training to blast fat and help create lean muscles – who doesn’t want a cheeky hint of abs in their bikini?

It all sounds fairly straight forward but stick to these tips and you’ll be amazed the changes that can happen in a few short weeks to your skin, body and overall confidence!

Happy holidays,

J x

One thought on “One month and counting…

  1. Good for you with the HIIT workouts! I love them but I’m lucky to get one in per week at the present moment. When I’m trying to flush my system, I drink a minimum of half my body weight in ounces of H2O! I don’t remember where I read that but it definitely helps! Cheers


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