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Results with Lucy review

It’s been 12 weeks since I signed up to the Six Pack Abs plan with Results with Lucy so I wanted to share my experience. I signed up to the plan after a month of unhealthy habits – I’d moved house, it was Christmas, I had exams to revise for and was helping my boyfriend recover from an operation so exercise stopped completely and whilst my meals were still generally healthy, my snacking was a bit out of control! I thought RWL could help me shift the extra fluff and keep me motivated through a stressful time at work.

What I loved?

The workouts with Lucy and Cecelia were SO much fun… I felt like they were in the room with me and felt so motivated to get up early in the mornings to complete the workouts. Certain videos became my favourite and I would go back to them time and time again and not get bored, it just didn’t feel like exercise at all.

Another thing I found which was a first was that I would really feel the exercises on my abs. I’ve always struggled to engage my ab muscles to really make them work but now I know what it feels like when it does happen, I’ve never had that before! The exercises were so varied and there were so many new ideas which target every single muscle.

The first few weeks all the extra Christmas fluff fell away and I was feeling myself again, I also felt accountable as I needed to complete the workout for the day so this was very encouraging.

Did I get a six pack?

Quite simply, no. Along with the workouts there is an Advanced Eat Well plan which I always read and tried to follow guidelines of: eat carbs from vegetable sources, avoid caffeine and alcohol, drink protein smoothies, occasional carb free meals etc. This is something I’ve tried to incorporate into every day life since and definitely makes me feel more energised and alive. However I’ve never been somebody with the will to track my macronutrients, I’ve tried it countless times and I’ve only ever managed to get about 5 days in before giving up as for me, it takes all the fun out of what I love doing. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll know I love creating loads of different healthy meals and all of those are just what I fancy on a particular day – I can’t eat from a meal plan or for me it would feel like a chore!

I also had a very busy few months at work and with family birthdays and events so one or two (or ten) treats may have crept in, and I’m ok with that. Life is all about balance.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely – this is a super cost efficient way of keeping fit and falling in love with exercise, it’s hard not to with Cecelia motivating you! The workouts kept me motivated week on week and I rediscovered my love for exercise, and you also don’t need to be afraid of trying out the new things because they can be done from the comfort of your own home. Whilst I may not have got the illusive six pack, I feel more confident, motivated and felt my body change shape through all the different exercises. Non-scale victories all round!

J x

5 thoughts on “Results with Lucy review

  1. Hey, your blog seems really cool. Good read! I’m Kyle, I’m looking to give up alcohol for 3 months as a social experiment, and also to get in good shape! You can check out and follow my progress if you wish. Enjoy your day, will look out for your posts !


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