The Positivity Project

This is a little different for me, but I really wanted to share it with you guys as something has really changed for me recently which I feel so great about. There haven’t been any huge changes in my life over the past month or so but I’ve started to really appreciate life as it is now without using my age old excuse of ‘it’ll get better when…’ because if you constantly disregard what is happening now in search for something better, then you will never truly be happy!

My plan for the next 8 weeks is to document what I want to call my positivity project (as I used to be a bit of a negative nelly at times), sharing with you the things that I have found to make a change and easy ways that you can feel the positivity too!


Week 1 Challenge: Smile at strangers

I’ve picked this one first as it’s probably the most difficult, I have MAJOR resting bitch face which so often gets me in trouble! Truth is I’m quite a shy person around strangers so my natural instinct is to keep my head down or stare way into the distance which can seem really moody, so my plan for the next week is to smile at as many people as I can. Regardless of any funny looks I get, if there is one person whose day is brightened by me smiling at them then I have achieved my objective!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 22.06.52
Cheesy grin anyone?!

Check in next week to see how I get on!

J x

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