The Positivity Project – part 2

The Verdict

SO last week my goal was to smile lots more at random people – how did I get on?

Well as silly as it sounds, smiling all the time doesn’t come naturally to me at all so it was a bit of a struggle, but I’ve had a busy week so had plenty of opportunities to smile! At the weekend I completed the tough mudder which was a perfect place to try it out and honestly it made me feel so much better and more motivated to complete the course when I forced a smile on my face and other people smiled back. There is definitely science that says if you put a smile on your face you will end up feeling happier, and I would totally agree in that case.

Also this weekend I went along to the Be:Fit London festival – now it was an awful lot easier to keep smiling there because it was such a great event which I absolutely loved. But I definitely think having a grin on made it easier to interact and meant I got way more out of the day than I would otherwise, so week one has been a success as far as I’m concerned. People definitely react well to someone who seems happier, so I found other people smiled in return 99% of the time which just adds to creating a really lovely atmosphere!


The difficult part about smiling all the time is when you don’t actually see people because you have your phone stuck to your hand and your head facing down – so week 2 is all about weaning myself away and spending more time appreciating people and the things around me without getting stuck into Instagram all the time – check in next week to see how I get on.


J x

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