The Positivity Project – part 3

A little late on this one I’m afraid.. revision has well and truly taken over my life along with finally being back from uni and enjoying some time in my own home! Last weeks project was to take some time away from my phone, as having a blog and a foodie Instagram account can be rather time consuming! It’s been a really tough challenge to stick to I’ll admit, but I’ve made a few small changes which have made a huge difference. When I used to go for walks into town to run errands, I would ALWAYS have my music in and be texting away as I went. This week, I left my headphones at home and put my phone in my bag and just walked… an amazing break for your mind and great way to destress.

Next weeks challenge… well I have my final university exams coming up so there is a lot of stress potential! My plan is to take 10 minutes a day and use it to destress, forget about revision and enjoy my final few weeks as a student. Check in next week to see how I get on!

J x

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