The Positivity Project – part 4

I’m back!

Exams are over and results are in, i’m not sure why the process of studying and revising ends up being so stressful for me, but I think it’s something to do with setting such high expectations for myself! My last goal was to spend 10 minutes a day doing something to destress and wind down. Whilst i’m terrible at keeping to actively doing something such as yoga, reading or meditation, I found that sitting quiet and enjoying meals without distraction provided a great rest for my minded really helped get me back into a positive mindset to power on through. I think it just proves that you don’t need anything fancy, just some time to yourself and a will to just push all the stress out of your mind and you will feel a million times better! Plus, food fixes everything right?

As for my next challenge – well i’m back at work now which means busy days and the blog has definitely taken a back seat so i’m going to try and get it back on track. I really enjoy getting to write about things I love and it reminds me of why I set up this blog in the first place! So expect some exciting posts over the next coming weeks – what would you like to read?


J x

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