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The Positivity Project – part 5!

Hi guys!

As promised I’m trying to be much better with the blog now university is over, you may have seen my raw salted caramel chocolate brownie recipe earlier this week? It’s gluten free and vegan!

I’m starting something really exciting this week, but it’s also a little scary, i’m working with a nutrition coach called Katie who has designed me a nutrition plan which should really help me lean out a little before my summer holidays!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 18.23.56

This involves macros specific to me and my goals, with a weekly catch up so she can keep me on track. To get started I’ve spent just an hour this afternoon plugging some numbers into My Fitness Pal to make sure my rough meal plan is right, and i’ve prepped all 5 lunches for the week so no excuses!

My challenge to myself is to actually stick to counting macros over the next few weeks (because i’m usually terrible and never last longer than a few days!) to see if it can actually make a difference to me. I really lost my way over the last week or so as work was so busy and I really struggled to keep my head above the water, so i’m hoping this is the kick up the backside that I need! I’m going to keep you all up to date with my macro counting journey and let you know whether it works for me or not, so stay tuned.

J x


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