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3 Top Tips for making the leap into health and fitness

It can be daunting initially when you try and embark on a new healthy lifestyle and I always think, the main reason people fail is trying to change everything at once and assuming they have to be perfect for it to work. Well that’s just not true – so many of the fittest and healthiest bloggers out there are huge advocates of balance and just having everything in moderation.

You don’t need a specialist nutrition plan or a top personal trainer to make little changes which will make a real difference, I’m about to give you 3 easy ways to change your lifestyle for the better (and for the long term!) which will help you achieve your health fitness goals and won’t feel like a chore!


  1. Find an exercise you love

This sounds so obvious but it’s true. If the only form of exercise was running, I would not be into exercise at all – I hate it! I do however love other forms of exercise such as Bodyweight HIIT training, weight training and group exercise classes. If you love dance then try Zumba, this won’t feel like a workout as you’ll be too busy enjoying the class. Another way of really enjoying exercise is if you get your friends or family involved too.. turning a session into a social gathering automatically makes it more enjoyable and that way you don’t have to turn down seeing friends to get exercise in, you can do both at once!

My ‘at home’ set up (don’t worry, the carpet is now long gone!)
  1. Be Accountable

Tell people you trust about your goals and (some of them at least) should help support you to achieve them! Now this won’t necessarily apply to everyone… we’ve all got that grandparent that just doesn’t understand or a Dad that constantly buys unhealthy treats expecting your will power to hold out 100% of the time. But for the most part, I’ve found family and friends to be really supportive in helping keep you on track and they may even want to join you (refer to point 1 above!). If you don’t trust friends and family with knowledge of your new goals, set up an anonymous Instagram account – post photos of your workouts, progress photos and meals and you will soon make loads of virtual friends on the same journey as you who will probably be able to relate to a lot of the things you’re going through yourself. This just makes it much harder for you to give up without someone being there to encourage you to carry on!



  1. Cook for yourself

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but cooking meals from scratch gives you so much more awareness of what’s going into them and will, most of the time, make them way healthier. Restaurants and takeaways add lots of extra oil and butter to meals, and ready meals from supermarkets tend to be packed with added sugar.. by buying the basic ingredients yourself you cut all of that out! You can make super simple stir frys which take about 5 minutes (that’s less time than waiting for the takeaway!) and loads of other quick and easy meals to save your body and wallet pounds!


I hope these tips come of some use to you – it really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. For any beginner, changes like this will make a whole lot of difference!


Good luck,

J x

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