Guest Recipe: Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

Now I love a good poached egg as much as any other blogger but my strength has never been making plant based meals look any good… however luckily for me I have Rachel (from Healthy and Psyched) on hand to share her wealth of experience and epic smoothie making powers to show us how it’s done! Take it away Rachel!


Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl then look no further. This pretty pink smoothie is packed with goodness from sweet strawberries and creamy cashews. It makes me so happy to look at it and even happier to eat it!


Try it for yourself and tell me you don’t agree!



  •        1 large banana (frozen)
  •        5 large strawberries
  •        10 unroasted cashew nuts (or 1 tbsp cashew butter)
  •        ½ cup almond milk
  •        5-6 ice cubes (optional)
  •        Topping ideas – fresh berries, desiccated coconut and/or granola.



  •        If you are using cashew nuts soak them in water for 10-12 hours – this will make them easier to blend. Drain immediately prior to using.
  •        Blend all of the ingredients until smooth.
  •        Transfer to a bowl and add your desired toppings.

Creamy strawberry smoothie.jpeg

Modifications for

Gym bunnies: Add vanilla or strawberry protein powder and 1-2 tablespoons of oats.

Super-foodies: Add a tsp of maca powder.


Rachel is a PhD student and health blogger, who is becoming known for her mouthwatering smoothie bowls. She also posts plant-based recipes, healthy living tips and reviews on her blog Healthy and Psyched (


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