Staying fit on holiday

As you read this I am lying on a sun lounger absolutely sweltering in the Turkish sunshine (sorry not sorry!) While I love getting away and relaxing, I really hate going home from a holiday feeling like Ten Tonne Tessie… I prefer to stay reasonably active and, although I definitely enjoy some treats, it’s nice to stay active you that you feel refreshed when you get home!

I even roped in my family this week to keep the exercise fun, and encourage us all to stay active!


  1. HIIT workouts

You will have heard by now about the amazing powers of HIIT workouts (if you haven’t, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? You can see my article about it here). They basically provide maximum impact by encouraging your body to burn calories hours after the workout, and can be done in as little as 15 minutes, giving you maximum tan time!

A good format for this is 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds rest – the work periods should be really intense, all out effort. Then your rest periods can either be stopped completely or just active recovery by lightly jogging on the spot. I like to pick 5 or 6 exercises, and complete that round 4 times with a minutes rest between rounds.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 14.09.51


  • Any burpee variation, my favourite being with a tuck/star jump at the top!
  • Mountain climbers
  • High knees
  • Push up variations (knee tucks, moving your hand positions around or even plyo push ups if you’re very brave!)
  • Squats (jumping, pulse, weighted etc)
  • Lunges (jumping, pulses, weighted, forwards, backwards, sideways)
  • Sprints
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Skipping

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 14.22.45

As always, remember to warm up for a few minutes before with a some gentle cardio to get the heart rate up and stretch the body parts you plan to be using! Then cool down and stretch at the end to prevent injury and soreness.


  1. Walk

From exploring new towns to walking to restaurants and bars to strolling along the beach, holidays are full of opportunities to use your legs and walk. My job involves an awful lot of sitting at a desk and I always struggle to hit my steps for the day, this is the perfect opportunity to up your steps without even realising and take in the sights around you. I also find this really helps to stop you from feeling sluggish so that you come home refreshed!


  1. Swim

Especially when it’s a million degrees outside… the pool can be a total lifesaver! Swimming is a surprisingly good workout and won’t cause you to overheat. You don’t even need to swim lengths to keep active in the pool, just splashing around to keep moving is enough to prevent you feeling like you’ve been a potato all holiday… Just make sure you keep topped up with the suncream and wear a hat as I always find I burn much quicker when in the water!

Hope this helps, Happy holidays everyone!

J x

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