Victoria sandwich pancakes

Cake and pancakes combined.. what could go wrong? As usual with my recipes this all just fell together but this stack of pancakes tasted like heaven and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Ingredients (serves 1)


2 eggs

1 ripe banana

1 Scoop vanilla whey protein

20g Oats

½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp coconut oil



100g Skyr yoghurt

1 cup frozen raspberries

10g Chia seeds



  1. In a processor or by hand, mash the bananas and mix in the other pancake ingredients (except for the coconut oil) until they form a smooth pancake batter
  2. Place the raspberries into a microwaveable bowl for 1-2 minutes until they are warm and mushy, then add the chia seeds, mix together and leave to one side to sit
  3. Heat up the coconut oil in a non-stick pan until piping hot then very carefully, wipe off the excess oil with some kitchen roll, being super careful you don’t burn yourself!
  4. Pour in the pancake mix a bit at a time to form little pancakes, about 3 inches diameter
  5. Cook until there are little bubbles on the top of the pancakes then flip over to cook the other side, this should take a minute or two on each side
  6. Continue with the rest of the batter, then layer up the pancakes with a little yoghurt and chia jam to make your Victoria sandwich

As always, tag me in any recreations!

J x

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