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Review: Sweatlife London

What a day! My friends and I love nothing more than celebrating occasions with a bit of sweat and a protein shake (who’s with me?!) – so when we found out that the Lululemon Sweatlife festival was on the weekend before my birthday we knew we had to be there! We were able to choose 2 sweaty sessions and a yoga session as well as a talk for a bargain price compared to going to one of the classes individually. Here’s a quick overview of our day…

Venue: Tobacco docks was the most amazing location for an event like this, all the studios had glass walls so you could see into all of the classes to try and it definitely gave us some ideas for our next day in London!

Yoga: We attended the yoga workshop with Chris Chavez which was so different to any yoga i’d done before, we had a go at some really different poses and I definitely felt slightly de-stressed after the class which I never normally feel after yoga. We also got to try our hand at handstands which was very entertaining (as demonstrated by the lovely ladies below, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed!)



Bandcore/MyPilates: This class was something i’d never done before – we got to try out reformers for pilates moves and used huge resistance bands for movement such as squats, shoulder press and upright rows. For something which didn’t seem like it could really work you out that hard I was definitely feeling the burn this morning when I woke up. I couldn’t fault either class at all, the instructors were amazing and it was great to try something completely different and feel the burn without high impact on my body!

F45: This was the one we were SO excited for. Having heard great things from Zanna Van Dijk and Tally Rye especially, I couldn’t wait to try out the Athletica class which is all cardio and so intense! There were three circuits in total to get through and the great thing was all the instruction was on the screens so the PTs were able to focus solely on how hard you were working instead of explaining what to do next – a definite boost to how much we pushed! There was also an added incentive of a prize for the team who could whoop the loudest and cheer each other on the most which we were lucky enough to win after all the screaming. The sweat at the end proved how hard we all pushed and it was honestly one of the best classes i’ve ever done, I’m not a huge fan of treadmills and this class used equipment you could easily find or adapt in any gym or home gym so I will definitely be replicating some elements of the circuits at home!


Neat protein shakes: What is a workout without a protein shake? We pre-ordered our shakes in advance to pick up after the class and it was exactly what we needed! I had the chocolate shake which contained pics peanut butter (an excellent choice in my opinion!), hazelnut milk and Neat whey protein, the girls had a pretty in pink which contained a mixture of berries protein for something a little sweeter!


Back at home: Fast forward through a very sweaty train ride home – sorry everyone! – we tucked in to a delicious feast of BBQ meats with a huge Clean Eating Alice inspired salad (think butternut squash, kale, sweet potato, tomatoes, pomegranate and mushrooms) then ate flexbowls full of Oppo ice-cream to finish off the day perfectly!

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s my kind of birthday! Were any of you there yesterday?

J x

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