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Review: The Healthy Body Kit

Hi everyone,

The lovely people at Healthy Body Kit sent me one of their boxes last month. The Healthy Body Kit is a subscription service for a range of health and fitness goodies, the perfect gift for any foodie and it can be customised to make sure you get the products which suit you best! Let’s have a look inside…



Inside my kit was:

  • Buff bake flavoured nut butter sachets
  • Cellublue
  • Max’s Protein Bar
  • Skipping rope
  • Jst Jodie Pre workout
  • Organic Protein Company Whey

This was a great selection and really good value for the monthly cost of just £9.99! It also gives you the chance to try new products and learn about new brands each month before spending lots on full size products. These were my personal favourites:


Organic Protein Company – because you can do almost anything with whey protein! I love making recipes with whey in to boost the protein content and help hit my macros for the day. Try some of my recipes such as these, these and these! Whey protein sachets are also perfect for travelling, working or generally when you’re on the go as they are much less faff than trying to package up a portion from a bigger bag.


Skipping rope – I just love skipping! It’s amazing to add into a HIIT workout and always makes me feel like a kid again. It’s perfect if you don’t have much time as you can get a super sweaty workout done in 15 minutes, simply skip as fast as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 30 15 times over (or 40 seconds on, 20 off if you’re feeling brave!) – see the benefits of HIIT training in the article I wrote for the HBC magazine here.


Buff Bake – we all know how incredible nut butter is right? These bad boys come with added protein and contain 11g per sachet which makes them perfect for a snack on the go. As with the whey, they’re amazing for travelling and for storing in your bag whilst on the go and they just taste heavenly!


Like what you see? Head over to the Healthy Body Kit to start a subscription!

J x

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