My take on Ginger Pudding

My Grandad makes the most incredible Ginger pudding which we HAVE to have every time we visit them – literally one of the best desserts i’ve ever had! So recently I asked him for the recipe as I wanted to make it myself which was the first moment I really appreciated how much crap goes into it (whoops!). It’s full of sugar and syrup and butter which isn’t the best but it is just so good that I had to try and recreate a slightly healthier version, just so I can enjoy it on a much more regular basis!



1 Scoop of Gingerbread protein powder (I use Wheybox, you could omit this if you don’t have and use a little extra ground ginger/ground almonds)

30g Ground Almonds

1tsp Ground Ginger

60g Date Nectar (with a little extra to drizzle on top)

40g Egg White

25g Coconut Oil

1tsp Baking Powder


  1. Line a ramekin or bowl with a little coconut oil
  2. Mix all of the above ingredients well in a bowl in tip into the ramekin
  3. Microwave for 1 minute initially, you may need to put in for a little longer but check after a minute and it should wobble just slightly but not too much, I put mine in for an extra 20 seconds and it was perfect!
  4. Tip out onto  plate and top with anything you fancy

You can cook this however suits you best – I prefer a slightly gooey and saucey pudding but just keep an eye on it in the microwave until it’s just how you like it!

Hope you enjoy, as always tag me in any recreations!

J x

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