What to buy a foodie for their birthday

So today I wanted to do a little birthday haul for you all – my friends and family are so great and know exactly what I’d want so it’s the perfect example of what you can get for anyone you know with an interest in all things health and fitness! Let’s get started…

  • A camera – I got the Sony A5000 for my food and other photos which I absolutely adore, it’s perfect for taking snaps for the blog, is easy to use and you can also transfer photos to your smartphone or laptop via wifi in a matter of seconds. My parents got me this for my birthday and it’s honestly one of the best purchases ever!
  • Cookbooks – what more could you want than recipe inspiration? I love using cookbooks to get ideas for new creations and whilst I rarely follow the recipes to the T, they’re great for trying new things – I made this beauty recently from the new Hemsley and Hemsley book which some of my girls got me for my birthday! IMG_4968.jpegFor some further cookbook inspo, look at my recent post on my favourite cookbooks!
  • Food related clothes and accessories – just because… these avo PJs are my favourite things ever right now, can I go to work in my pyjamas?!
  • Props – bear with me here… this sounds weird but cute little props for food pics are ideal and my brother got it absolutely spot on for my birthday with this beautiful little chopping board (with personalised detail!)FullSizeRender[3]
  • Silicone food moulds – for making the prettiest pancakes and eggs, just what a blogger needs!FullSizeRender
  • And last but not least… FOOD – particularly these gorgeous Booja Booja truffles which i’d never tried before but I would honestly recommend to everyone, just incredible!

Let me know if you have any other ideas – I love hearing from you guys!

J x

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