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The A-Z of Peanut Butter: Part 1

Hi guys!

So as promised on my Instagram I’m bringing you a summary of the A-Z of peanut butter, with a little more information about each of the ideas and to give you something to refer back to. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get cracking!

A is for Apples – this is such a great combination, slice your apples any way you fancy and top with peanut butter and a sprinkling of chocolate for a delicious afternoon snack

IMG_5288 copy.jpg

B is for Banana – a similar concept to the apples, slice up the banana and spread your PB on top, i’ve even seen people make mini banana sandwiches, covering them in melted chocolate then putting in the fridge/freezer to chill… who wouldn’t want to eat that?!

C is for Cheesecake – mini salted caramel PB cheesecake balls covered in delicious chocolate – enough said!


D is for Dessert – because peanut butter is the perfect addition to any dessert plate, it works perfectly with a variety of puddings and always makes them taste that much better.

E is for Energy Balls – energy balls are all the rage nowadays as a convenient snack which is quick to grab on the go to fill you up, peanut butter is often a key ingredient in these and it’s not hard to work out why as it’s full of protein to keep you full and its YUM.

F is for fudge – and this fudge is made without any of the nasties so you can fill your body with essential nutrients and all round good stuff. Who wants the recipe for these goodies?!


Gluten free cookies – i’m not gluten free myself, however I do find creating gluten free sweet recipes means using alternatives which provide a host of health benefits such as Pics Peanut Butter, i’ve posted my favourite recipe on the blog so go check it out!


H is for Handbag snack – because you can easily keep sweet cravings at bay if you always have one of these handy!

I is for ice cream – (well, nice cream really but that doesn’t start with I…) Simply add a spoon or two of Pics to your banana nice cream mix and you’ll have a super creamy and delicious ice-cream to enjoy for what is left of summer!


J is for juices – and smoothies… Peanut butter is a great addition to juices to add substance and to make more of a meal of them

K is for Kiwi – because Kiwi and PB toast is a thing! I think what we’re realising is that PB is incredibly versatile and works with almost everything, the wonder ingredient!

L is for Lettuce wraps – overdone the carbs?! Now carbs are by no means bad and I LOVE them but sometimes you go overboard and these lettuce wraps are a perfect low carb lunch or dinner idea, filled with satay chicken and a host of other veggies these will be sure to keep you full for a good hour at least (which is good going if you’re anything like me!)


M is for Muffins – like with the cookies, PB is so versatile and you can use either the crunchy or the smooth variety to create a delicious muffin recipe!


That’s all for now folks.. I felt like this was long enough already so you’ll have to wait until next week for Part 2 – see you then! Let me know if there are any recipes you’d like to see!

J x


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