Just do you

This is a much more personal post from me today and I wanted to write about something which quite a few people have touched upon lately. One of my favourite quotes has always been that ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ which I couldn’t agree more with. Everything can be hunky dory until you look and see that your friend is jet setting around the world with an incredible tan or having an amazing time going to loads of events. It can be so easy to be listen to what someone else tells you they’re having a great time doing and assume that you should be doing the same because it’s made them so happy, but what if your priorities are different to theirs?

The things that make them ecstatic won’t necessarily be the same for you and that is ok – they don’t need to! It takes a lot of time and confidence to ignore what we think we’re supposed to be doing and enjoying and just do your own thing. However I honestly think it’s the only way of being happy in the long term and having no regrets later in life. I’ve worked so hard on this the past year especially and although it’s not always easy, I’ve noticed a real change in my self-esteem from accepting and enjoying my life as it is now. I wanted to share with you the things that I think have made a difference and why:

  • Switch off from social media – I am on social media a lot of the time, if it’s not posting my own recipes and photos it’s looking to others for inspiration, making new friends or finding out about new brands and events. But this can be toxic. The quickest way to spoil your good mood is to look at someone else’s highlight reel and realise they’re having a better day than you, but I can guarantee that they have just as many low points as anyone else, it’s just that very few of us choose to share these.
Sometimes switching off is what we all need..
  • Be thankful – and remind yourself daily what you’re thankful for. It’s easy to forget how privileged we all are, and to complain if our bank account is looking a little sad because we bought too much activewear this month (we’ve all been there!) but there are so many people who will never get the opportunities we get. Annoyed you have to go to work on a Monday? Be thankful we have jobs which give us money to put a roof over our heads. Turn the negative situations and feelings into things to be happy about.
Focus on your loved ones for a while (He’s going to curse me for using this photo – sorry Dan!)
  • Make changes – you need to take control of your life and create a positive environment and if there are elements of your life which hold you back that you have the power to change then do so. Toxic friends getting you down? Distance yourself and find people who lift you up. You have a job that doesn’t suit your skills or interests? Look for something new that does. None of these things are quick fixes and some will take time but if you can change it, then this is a great way to take control. If you can’t change it, try not to let it stress you out – you’ll need to find strategies to deal with the issues when they arise and prevent them from taking over your mood and making you miserable.

I really hope this post can help at least one of you, it’s not an overnight fix and it certainly isn’t easy but it becomes a real lifestyle change which will benefit you for years to come so I really think it’s worth giving it a go!

J x

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