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What to pack for a fitness retreat?

This week I headed off with the girls to Yogfit Ibiza (you’ll hear more on this soon!) and we had a great time getting super sweaty, seeing the sights of Ibiza and having a good old stretch. It’s not your average holiday and you can’t really get away with just packing a bikini and a good book so I thought I’d run you through the essential items you can’t go without (and probably a few things you could go without but don’t want to..!)


It’s always a good idea to check with your specific retreat in advance to make sure you know what is and isn’t provided because from the research I did, there were a lot of differences between them!


  1. Dry Shampoo

And yes I deliberately put this one at the top… with hours of active time and sweaty workouts it’s inevitable that your hair will suffer. No-one wants to be washing their hair multiple times a day so dry shampoo is a lifesaver and can really revive any sad looking locks!


  1. Lots of activewear

Goes without saying really… but you really do need quite a lot! We had 3 active days at the retreat but with classes going on all day I’d recommend taking a set for each half day to stop you feeling really horrible and sweaty. I love the collection of sports bras from Forever 21 as they’re really affordable, a great fit and come in lots of great styles and colours!

  1. Protein Powder sachets

With the increased activity levels you’ll be needing to refuel! Protein powder is a great option post workout to get the essential carbs and protein to replace glycogen stores and help your muscles to recover, however taking a huge bag or packaging up portions of protein powder is really inconvenient not to mention the risk that it would end up over the rest of your luggage – prepacked sachets are the perfect solution to this and I really like a lot of the Wheybox flavours, or Missfits if you want to avoid whey (you can even save some money on your Missfits nutrition order with the code Josi20!)

  1. Suncream

Don’t forget the spf people.. even if the sun isn’t blazing down it can be doing harmful things to your skin so make sure you protect yourself!


  1. Muscle gel

You’re going to be really really sore, especially if you’re trying out new things and using muscles you didn’t realise you had! I love using Deep heat roll on as it’s got a nicer smell than the old fashioned gel and, unlike the gel, you don’t end up getting it all over the risk and risking getting it on your fingers then rubbing your eyes (ouch!). By reducing the DOMS you can improve your ability to smash it in the rest of the classes on the retreat and really make the most of it!

6. Fitness tracker

This isn’t an essential piece of kit but I love challenging myself and do this by tracking my workouts and comparing them to each other – I’m not convinced the trackers are 100% accurate but they’re great for looking at one workout relative to another and having tried a few, the Polar A360 is my favourite!



Not that packing a bikini and a good book does anyone any harm…

Having just been on my first fitness retreat I’ve fallen in love with active holidays because you come back feeling totally rejuvenated, rather than sluggish and full of rubbish food! Who else loves fitness retreats?


J x

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