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Review: Yogafit Ibiza

Last week the girls and I jetted off to the beautiful island of Ibiza for a few days on the Yogafit Ibiza retreat. We are all fitness lovers so a few days of dance, fitness classes and yoga was never going to be a bad idea but I had no idea how much I would absolutely love our time there! If you want to know what I packed for our time, check out my last post here!

After an early morning at the airport we spent our first day getting settled, first the ‘release me’ class with Lindsay which was such a good way of getting to know everyone and starting to unwind from work mode! One of my favourite things about the whole holiday was how welcoming everybody was, the hotel staff, other people staying on the retreat but most of all the Yogafit Ibiza team. After just 3 days with them I feel like they’re all family! Of course we also made sure we balanced out the yoga with a little liquid relaxation in the form of a cocktail or two… balance right?!


As well as the classes hosted on the resort itself, there were walks and trips available to show you more of the amazing island and its views – check out the scenery here!

The classes themselves were so varied and all just so much fun! As a non yogi myself, I was more looking forward to getting a sweat on but the morning yoga classes on the Marina were just incredible (Lisa’s power yoga was my absolute favourite!) My issue with yoga is I can just never switch off but it’s impossible not to get caught up in the sound of the waves and the feel of the fresh morning air. The classes were a great way of getting to know everyone on the retreat and there was just such a lovely atmosphere as everyone was having such a wonderful time. Again, the views were incredible!

Most of the classes were held on the hotels main stage which allowed plenty of room for everyone to get involved, it also meant we could top up our tan on the days the sun was shining too!



My favourite class would have to be Matthew’s dance fitness class, I was absolutely dripping in sweat by the end and honestly i’ve never had so much fun getting sweaty before! What made it so amazing was the atmosphere created by having so many people enjoying themselves (and obviously the instructor being great too!). We also got to try out some new classes like FloatFit which I had only previously seen as a video on Facebook, there are no classes in FloatFit anywhere near me at home so this was something totally out of my comfort zone and whilst it can look pretty straight forward, do not be fooled! Jumping and twisting on boards in the middle of a swimming pool really works your core but most of all is a great laugh because it’s almost impossible not to fall off!


The hotel had an all inclusive restaurant which served plenty of fresh fish, meat, salad, rice, quinoa for mains so if you’re looking for a healthy week then there is more than enough choice for you. For those not so worried about calorific intake, the dessert selection is pretty epic too.. they happen to serve the most incredible chocolate sauce which I definitely managed to fit into every single meal time somehow. Usually on porridge at breakfast and with fruit and ice-cream for puddings!


So as you can tell, I loved it. Between the talks, classes, food, people and relaxation I came home feeling completely transformed. I hadn’t felt particularly stressed before I left but I suddenly realised how long it had been since I really took time to relax and destress. Everyone on the retreat was so friendly and we made so many friends in such a short space of time, but it was the Yogafit Ibiza team that really made it.


The work they put into creating the holiday (especially Lindsay for having that vision in the first place!) did not go unnoticed, everything was done to make sure we all had the best time. The schedule was jam packed but there were no obligations when you arrived, so if you wanted a holiday in the sun with one yoga class a day then that was perfectly ok. However if you’re a little exercise mad like my friends and I, you can do every possible class and run from one to the next like a proper sweaty betty! Food wise, there were little ‘Yogafit recommends’ cards in the restaurant which would show which dishes are healthy and nutritious if you’re looking to get healthier, but as I said before, no-one will judge you for having a dinner of ice-cream and chocolate sauce.

I am so grateful for the few days I got to spend in Ibiza at Yogafit, and feel very lucky to have been part of something so amazing. The next retreat is in April so get online and get booking – I promise you won’t regret it!

J x

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