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HBC Goody-bag: What you need to know

Last weekend was the HBC bloggers networking event where myself and many other health bloggers along with lots of amazing brands got together to talk all things health and wellbeing. Situated near Hackney in a pretty little co-working space, we all mingled to find out more about each other and the products the brands make. I knew of a few already but some were new to me so it was a great way to find out about some new foodie goodies (and raise money for BEAT at the same time!)

At the end we all got our hands on a goodybag full of exciting samples from the brands in attendance and more. Now I’ve had a chance to sample the goodies on offer, here are some of my favourites that you need to try and why:

Whey Box protein sachets

I won’t lie because you all know I’ve tried these many times before but that didn’t stop me heading straight for the whey box stand to guzzle down loads of their protein shake samples. I did however get to try some different flavours along with my old favourite (gingerbread, obv). Whey box as a concept is simple, subscribe and receive little convenient sachets of delicious and nutritious whey to your letterbox every month. You get to choose your flavours and they are delivered in a handy letterbox friendly box and they make a crazy amount of different recipes. This was the first time I’d met the Whey box team and they are all just as great as the protein itself, so friendly and worthy of great success so get ordering people!



Deliciously Ella energy ball

This product is still relatively new but everyone seemed to be raving about them so I couldn’t wait to try! I was so excited to get the Cacao and Almond ball as I thought it would be my absolute favourite and it didn’t disappoint at all. Not that I expected any less but it was so full of flavour, just the right size for an afternoon snack and packed with good quality nutritious ingredients. The only thing I would say is that they are quite pricey as you’d expect but still a great convenience snack. The website provides exact instructions on how to make your own just like it so I’ll definitely be trying out the recipe for myself soon!


Rejuvenation water

I had also tried this Rejuvenation water a while ago but forgot how delicious it was. Unlike some fruit and vegetable waters which taste a little funky this has a really delicious flavour and really feels like a proper drink (great for any of you who struggle to drink litres of water each day without getting bored!). There are three varieties which are all equally as delicious, are packed with amino acids AND contain no added sugar. Win win really!


The Department of Breakfast Goji and Cacao crunch

I just love a  breakfast topper! Getting creative with oats/zoats/proats/smoothie bowls always makes for an interesting breakfast (and an instagrammable one at that!) but sometimes having hundreds of toppings on hand is just not feasible, can be costly and takes up too much time and space so this all in one crunchy topper is perfect. It comes in a small pouch which you can reseal so perfect for taking away with you or even as a snack on the go so definitely head over and check it out! I am also super excited at the thought of a salted caramel crunch… hello!


Let me know what you think if you get to try any!

J x

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