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Kitchen Essentials

Today I wanted to run you through the essential items I always make sure I have in my kitchen in terms of fresh food, cupboard food and gadgets – one really common excuse you tend to hear is how expensive and hard work it is to be healthy but I want to prove that it’s just not the case. Of course there are lovely foods which are more costly and great to have if you can afford it, but it’s so easy to eat well on a budget without compromising on flavours!

Fresh foods

  • Eggs – my absolute favourite food in the entire world… you can eat them for any meal and they are absolutely packed with nutrients and goodness. Even good quality free range eggs are affordable and make some really delicious meals, they feature an awful lot in my favourite breakfast recipes – here and here!


  • Sweet potato – also incredibly versatile, full of good stuff, can be prepped in a microwave in a matter of minutes and they taste so good! If I’m ever struggling for a dinner idea I simply cook a portion of meat, then either mash or roast some sweet potatoes and serve with veggies and dinner is ready in 15 minutes.
  • Yoghurt – I love having a good greek yoghurt in the fridge such as Skyr because of its high protein content and versatility. It can form part of a meal or just a quick and easy pudding, I love mixing it with a scoop of whey protein which creates a really lovely moussey texture and the great basis for any flexbowl!


Cupboard foods

  • Oats – these are an absolute steal so amazing for eating on a budget. Oats are also an amazing breakfast as they provide slow release energy to keep you full across the day, you can also serve your oats in a variety of ways… in pancakes, waffles, proats, zoats, overnight oats, and you can flavour them with such a wide range of things that it’s difficult to get bored!


  • Tuna – a great source of low fat protein, tinned tuna provides a super speedy protein source which you can eat on a salad or cook into a meal. It’s also a good one if you’re visiting family that aren’t the most in tune with your healthy lifestyle and can help assure you get some form of balance in your diet while you’re away
  • Microwave rice – wholegrain rice sachets are a total saviour, yes you can buy dry brown rice but after work I can just never be bothered to cook up a batch of brown rice so it never gets eaten. The sachets however are so easy and take a matter of minutes which is great for after a workout to provide the fuel you’ve lost


  • Tupperware – as annoying as it is when you can’t find the lids, Tupperware can be your best friend! Not all places you go will cater for your healthy lifestyle and I personally much prefer knowing what it is in my food. Pre-packaged food can be full of salt and sugar so it’s very easy to be pushed off the wagon by stuff that it seemingly good for you!
  • Spiraliser (or a julienne peeler!) – I’m not against carbs by any means but it can be so easy to overeat them, spiralising is a great way of adding huge volume to your meals without the added calories. I get incredibly hungry so this is a bonus!
  • Small blender – my dad got me this blender last year for my birthday and it is an absolute godsend. It was really affordable especially compared to some of the main blenders on the market, but it is just the right size for so many things, is much easier to clean because you can take it apart easily and put everything in the dishwasher and it easily cuts through nuts, seeds, frozen banana and helps create the most delicious healthy desserts.


I hope this little round up has been useful for you – it really doesn’t cost a fortune to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle you just need to know where to look! It’s also easy to stay on track even if you’re busy, so long as you keep a stock of these essentials you will never be short of quick and healthy meals!

J x

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