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Why everyone needs a fitness Instagram

Another slightly more personal post from me today! I really wanted to share with you the reasons I think everyone should get themselves a foodie/fitness account on instagram just like mine. The industry gets a pretty bad reputation sometimes for problems around eating disorders, negativity and misinformation from unqualified influencers and these ARE problems, there’s no denying that. However, I honestly think there is SO much good to come from it that as long as we tread with caution, it can only be a good thing! So let’s see if I can convince you shall we…

  • You’ll make new friends

Really good friends, with similar interests to you! You’re guaranteed to get on because you have similar attitudes and so much in common. There are not many people that would be thrilled at the thought of a day out consisting of a healthy brunch and a workout but I know for sure if I suggested it to one of the instagram girls she would definitely be game! These friends i’ve made are not just friends to workout with, I’ve made proper, bonafide besties with some of the girls and would trust them with anything. When people ask how we met I find it so crazy saying ‘It all started because she commented on my egg poaching skills!’ but it’s true, unlikely friendships can pop up from nowhere and regardless of how long you’ve known each other, they can be some of the best friends you’ll ever have!IMG_6708.jpeg

  • You’ll feel motivated

Everyone has days when they just don’t feel like it, it’s just part of life. If it was left up to me, i’d probably miss quite a few workouts due to tiredness/lack of motivation after work or just not wanting to leave my bed at 6am when it’s cold and dark outside! As sad as it sounds, I tend to scroll through instagram first thing in a morning because I know there will be at least 10 posts of people heading out for the early morning workout and if they can do it, so can I. If the only reason I can think not to workout is because I can’t be bothered then this is the perfect motivation because it makes me realise that it’s a completely rubbish excuse! Results come from hard work and persistence, not staying in bed because I didn’t fancy it. This isn’t to say you should be super rigid with your routine, some days you are just exhausted and exercising will do more harm than good and that’s ok too (shout out to the gals posting photos of ice-cream, brownies and days where you don’t even leave your bed because we all need that from time to time, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Get out and sweat!
  • You’ll feel inspired

Before I started my account, I relied on cookbooks from the likes of Madeleine Shaw which were delicious but a cookbook only has a set number of recipes. Building up a cookbook collection (you can see my favourites here!) that provides you with constant inspiration day in day out is expensive, not to mention that you may need to go out and buy particular ingredients. This then results in people just saying no thanks, I’ll get a takeaway! But what instagram has taught me is that you can make a meal from anything, I have a few kitchen staples which I make sure I always have around (you can see them here if you missed it!) and if they are in the house then there are no excuses. I’ve tried so many meals I would have never considered before, and been able to share my favourites with others which is so rewarding. You also get to find out about new brands and products that are being launched, for a new company, getting into major supermarkets is hard so social media is how they get their name out there! I’ve found some of my favourite ever products this way and I’m so happy that now I’m able to share these with you (check out my discounts page to see some of the lovely brands I work with!).

Yes there can be downsides to all of this. Instagram is a highlight reel and not many people are brave enough to post about the times they had a rubbish day, cried their eyes out and stuffed their face full of a box of Krispy Kremes. There also seems to be a rise in people obsessing over having to eat a certain way to fit in, for example people cutting out dairy, gluten and any form of refined sugar because it has become a ‘trend’ as opposed to because of a medical reason. I did this myself for a while but found that the psychological impact of not being ‘allowed’ to eat any of these things did more harm than the benefit I was giving my body physically. The foods I eat now naturally contain low levels of gluten (because I love getting carbs from vegetables like sweet potato) and refined sugar (because there are some amazing alternatives out there which taste amazing) but not being restricted makes the lifestyle I have now so much easier to live.

What I’m getting at is, this industry only has to be an issue if we allow ourselves to get consumed by it. It is possible to take the good from it and look past the negatives, and if we all choose to use it positively then it will continue to be an amazing community for like minded people. Collectively we have so much knowledge and expertise to share and SO much support to give each other when we’re having down days, I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions i’ve made.

Have I persuaded you yet?! Head on over to my instagram or twitter and let me know!

Until next time,

J x

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