10 Minute Revision Dinners: Part 2

I’m back with more 10 minute meals this week to try and prove to you that eating well doesn’t need to take a long time and that fast food needn’t be devoid of nutrients and goodness. A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to make Pizza, Prawn Linguine and reminded you of my eggy recipe post, today it’s time for 3 more recipes which will take less than 10 minutes to knock together, hope you enjoy!

  1. Sausage and Mash

This can be achieved in super quick time, trust me! Pop your sausages under the grill at the start and leave them to cook, turning occasionally, as you prep the rest of the meal. Roughly chop a sweet potato and just cover in boiling water. Give this about 5-7 minutes and it should be cooked, so remove the potato from the pan and into a separate bowl to mash. Use the water in that pan to cook off some peas, broad beans, asparagus or any other quick cooking veggies as you roughly mash the potatoes with any spices or seasonings you like.


  1. Speedy salads

Ok so not really a recipe but I always used to struggle with salads as I felt like they were too bland to be eaten as a dinner, I thought they’d never fill me up! But with a few quick tricks you can create delicious, filling meals in no time at all. My favourite little hack is to use the pouches of grains/rice, these take a couple of minutes in the microwave and add texture and flavour to your dish. To make the salads I layer up greens such as spinach, kale or lettuce as a base, then add in the grains or rice on top and mix together. Next for the protein source, this could be a piece of fish, chicken, turkey or any other meat, or something like chickpeas if you want a meat free source. Next I add veggies, if I have time at the weekends I like to prep lots of roasted veg for the week but if not any fresh or frozen veggies will do – cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, green beans, sweetcorn, broccoli etc etc. For dressings I like to keep it simple with olive oil, white wine vinegar or lemon juice and a little salt and pepper – easy!

  1. Stir fry

The classic speedy recipe – again this is so versatile and you can add or takeaway whatever you happen to have in. It ensures you’re getting a good portion of veggies and can be high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat – whatever you need! Check out my super easy chicken stir fry recipe which uses peanut butter in the sauce, YUM.

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J x

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