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Happy new year!

Hey guys,

I hope you’re not suffering with too bad a hangover from last night! You may remember last year I posted about my resolutions for 2016 so I firstly wanted to let you know how I did on those, then I want to tell you all about my goals for this year.


Well firstly, 2016 was easily the best year of my life so far – it was just incredible! I graduated university, moved in with my wonderful boyfriend and I feel like my blog has really progressed. I love sharing recipes and general thoughts with you guys and being nominated for (and winning?!) the Motion Nutrition award in November was just the icing on the cake really as I feel like the hard work is starting to pay off. In terms of resolution success, last year I wanted to:

1. Get to the end of a fitness plan

This is actually harder than it sounds for me because I do get bored easily and I really struggle to exercise if I’m not excited by it. I’m fortunate in that I generally love working out, but if it becomes a chore then I refuse so whilst I got a good way into quite a few plans this year I really struggled to see one through to the end! Instead of feeling like I failed on this one though, I think it’s just a lesson of what I’m like as a person. In future whilst it’s good to have a plan for structure, I’m planning not to get myself worked up if i don’t manage to do the prescribed workout that day – as long as I’m doing something to stay fit and healthy then it doesn’t really matter how I achieve it.

2. Take a little bit of time out each week

As expected, this was the harder of the two to stick to! I live my life at a million miles an hour and always have – this year I have studied for a degree and professional exams, alongside a full time career alongside creating recipes, working with brands and writing blog posts (which I absolutely love so wouldn’t give it up for the world!) however that doesn’t leave much time to chill. One thing both my boyfriend and I have realised is that we need to actively relax, which sounds strange as relaxing normally comes with doing nothing. For me, if I sit and do nothing my brain goes into overdrive at the things I should be doing instead (hence also why yoga has never worked too well for me!). Again I wouldn’t say I didn’t keep this resolution as I did constantly try to do it but I realised that relaxing to me is not just sitting on the sofa watching tv, so another learning experience for me there!


I think going over your resolutions from the previous year is so important because it avoids you making the same mistakes when setting them over and over… for years I was the ‘I want to lose weight’ resolutioner but that just doesn’t work for me and the sooner I learnt that the happier I got!


So back to this year…

Given how ridiculously exciting 2016 was I am so buzzed to get started with this year. I already have a few holidays planned with friends and family, some new blog content in the works and should finish my professional exams this May and will then be a chartered accountant (less glam I know!). So my resolutions are:

  1. Read more – this goes along with the actively relaxing part above.. in order to relax I need to distract my brain so santa kindly put a few good books which people have been raving about in my stocking. I’d love to get through all of these and more this year to learn to switch off my crazy brain and hopefully gain a new perspective on things along the way!
  2. Travel to new places – I thought about quantifying this and saying I needed to go to X number of new countries but I decided against it, travel is something I’ve recently become interested in doing and I don’t want to put pressure on it. I do however want to see some new places this year, we really do have a beautiful world so it seems a shame not to explore it! That doesn’t necessarily mean long haul flights to deep and distant places, even a weekend in the Lake District would count.

I’m really excited to work on these resolutions this year – for the first time they are goals that I feel excited, not pressured, to achieve. In terms of my fitness this year, I’m going to be working with Results with Lucy on their Class of 2017 to advance my fitness right up through their plans, starting on Wobble to Model! Keep an eye out for some posts over the next few weeks with an update of how i’m getting on!


What are your resolutions? Let me know on instagram or twitter.


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Until next time,

J x

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