Why I’m joining the Class of 2017

The new year is upon us which means, inevitably, it’s time for everyone to embark on a new fitness regime. Although there isn’t actually anything different about 1st January compared to any other day, the new year seems to be enough motivation for most of people to make changes they’ve been thinking about for months so I’m so excited to be working with Results with Lucy to help you do just that!



I’ve done a Results with Lucy plan before so I was so excited to give it a go again. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s the brainchild of Lucy Meck (former TOWIE beauty) and her PT Cecilia Harris who, along with their team, create workout videos for you to do from your lounge. Sounds like a standard exercise DVD that we all have about 50 of lying around at home? That’s where you’re wrong! This is only the bare bones of Results with Lucy and what it offers, there is much more to it than this, let me explain…


  • There are hundreds of videos to choose from

Videos tend to be around 10 minutes long and all have a name, difficulty rating, body part focus and length next to them to give you all the information you need to be able to design your own workout. There is so much variety its very difficult to get bored but equally once you’ve found some favourites you can do them over and over!

  • They create the workouts for you

What’s great about the Class of 2017 is that your progression through beginner stages to expert is carefully planned out by the team and if you don’t want to sit and choose which videos to do, you don’t have to! Log in to your page and it will tell you each day what you should be doing (including when to take rest days, the RWL plans usually require you to workout about 4 days a week). Also on your page is nutritional advice which will make all the difference if you’re trying to make changes to your body.

  • The plans cover a variety of levels

From New Beginnings which is a way of easing in newbies to exercise, all the way to the new Extreme plan which does exactly what it says on the tin. Whatever your fitness level you will find a plan to suit you and you can always take a quiz online or speak to one of the team to find out which would be most suitable.

  • The team are so supportive

As I said before, this is way more than just a fitness DVD. There is a wide range of support available with the plans including eating out guides to help you manage social occasions, a store where you can buy all the kit you’ll need including meal planners, a full database of delicious nutritionist approved recipes to choose from and there is always someone to speak to whatever your question.

  • It’s so affordable

Costing less than a gym membership but offering so much more as you effectively have a PT in your lounge with you at all times encouraging you and constantly giving tips on form and technique.

  • The community is amazing

I’ve left this one until last but it’s most definitely not the least, search #resultswithlucy on Instagram and you will be flooded with posts from the lovely ladies who do the Results with Lucy plans. The love and support between these girls is incredible and that’s the bit I’m looking forward to most – knowing there will always be someone there to pick you up when your down makes it so much easier to succeed and achieve amazing results!


So where does the Class of 2017 come into this?

The Class of 2017 is a new plan running this January which allows you to work your way through your journey with RWL from beginner to advanced over the course of the year. When you sign up you’ll receive a goodybag with everything you need to get started and you can start at whatever plan is best suited to your fitness levels, then work your way up to advanced level as the year progresses, with loads of other amazing girls right beside you!



My journey

I am starting the Class of 2017 on the Wobble to Model plan which is a 6 week intermediate programme. I’m really nervous to show you all my before photos as I never normally do this and you could say I’m feeling a little ‘fluffy’ after an amazing Christmas with my family and friends! I’m half way through the plan now and really noticing a difference in myself already. 

Check back in a few weeks time to see how I’m getting on, I feel so grateful to have been asked to be involved with this programme and can’t wait to let you know how I progress on the Class of 2017.


Have I persuaded you to join me yet?! I promise you won’t regret it.


J x



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