Review: Hotel Chocolat London Eye Experience

A few weeks ago for our anniversary, my boyfriend and I went to London for the day to enjoy some time together and see the sights! I hadn’t been on the London Eye in years so we decided to go full-on tourist mode and booked ourself onto the Hotel Chocolat tasting experience so I thought i’d tell you all about it…


Firstly, booking onto an experience like this instead of just a standard London Eye rotation makes the whole day run much more smoothly! There are no huge queues to stand in, you get to collect tickets from a priority desk and then your host collects your from the desk (inside in the warm!) and takes you straight to the security checks. Although it seems like a minor point this did make the whole thing much more enjoyable.


There were also only 19 of us in the pod which meant there was loads of space for us all to mill around, chat about chocolate and take lots of photos!


Once we were on our way round our host started explaining the role of a Chocolatier and what they would look for in good chocolate in terms of the look, sound (yes, sound!), smell, feel and finally taste. We learnt about some of the history of Hotel Chocolat and where they currently grow and harvest the Cocoa plants to turn into chocolate, including what goes in to the chocolate itself and how different locations can vastly change the taste of the end product.


We started off trying super dark 100% chocolate which wasn’t to everyone’s liking as it is so rich but I quite enjoyed it! We worked our way down in terms of Cocoa % so that our mouths didn’t get used to the sugary sweet chocolates that were to come at the end… working our way through 85% down to milk chocolate which is about 40%.


Whilst we are doing all of this, we had unlimited refreshments so plenty of prosecco to wash it all down with, and two rotations on the London Eye. What we loved was that the talk was very informal so we took regular breaks where we could enjoy the surroundings and take plenty of photos.

The final chocolates were the truffles, super sweet and very delicious! Eton Mess on one side and Caramel on the other, with Billionaire Shortbread to finish.


Overall the whole day couldn’t have been better, we learnt so much in that hour from our Chocolatier (including that Hotel Chocolat have their own restaurant which I didn’t know!) but didn’t feel like we were being forced to listen the entire time. I have a new found appreciation for the art of chocolate making and we will most definitely be back!


What is your favourite thing to do in London? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

J x

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