Review: Results with Lucy Wobble to Model plan

You may recall I told you a few weeks ago about working with Results with Lucy on their Class of 2017 plan… I already had a reasonably good level of fitness so I skipped the New Beginnings plan and set out straight onto Wobble to Model! This is their intermediate 6 week plan aiming to reduce wobble (including cellulite) and improve fitness levels in general.

The plan

The plan includes 6 weeks of workouts, 4 sessions per week. Each session is about 45 minutes long but you can choose to repeat certain videos if you like, some days I would repeat cardio and some I would repeat the ab videos depending what I felt like! Alongside the fitness plan you get motivational videos before each workout to really spur you on, nutritional advice and myth busting tips from the team which really help with overall knowledge about fitness and health as there are so many misconceptions in the industry.


On top of all of this is a daily meal plan made of lots of easy RWL recipes – as I regularly blog about food I didn’t follow this to the letter as I’m always trying out new products and making new things but I definitely took a lot of inspiration from the recipes and made my own variations. The collection of recipes on the website are all perfect for speedy meals made with minimal ingredients so if you don’t like the look of the meal plan you can definitely work your way through the recipes and find something you like the look of!

My Results

Over the past 6 weeks I have followed the 4 sessions per week, I have supplemented with a couple of extra sessions here and there as I find exercise a really good way of dealing with work and other general stresses. Some days after work I will go for a nice long walk, some days if I have less time I will do a quick 20 minute HIIT session and I also teach classes at my local gym such as spinning so that gives me a good workout too! Overall though, I workout 4/5 days a week and have been following a lot of the RWL principles food wise. Bear in mind, the RWL way is not a crash diet or a speedy way of losing loads of weight so the results are not miraculous but I am so proud of what I achieved in 6 weeks – in terms of how I feel as well as how I look!



What I thought of the plan?

I absolutely love that you can have a laugh with the girls in some of the videos so much that you forget you’re even exercising. I love Lisa’s ab workouts which really fire up your core and Sophie and Liz’s cardio videos give you such great post workout endorphins from all the sweat! What I love most is that if you’re someone who has no idea where to start, this plan is ideal as it has a step by step meal and exercise plan to follow. But if on the other hand, like me, you are someone who already enjoys fitness and good food, it provides a really good template in terms of workouts and meals which you can work with and as i’ve proved, even following the principles of the meal plans has made a difference. So basically it’s got something for everyone and I really think you should all head on over and sign up!

Let me know if you sign up!

J x

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