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February Favourites

I’m back again with another summary of this month’s favourite things! These aren’t all things I have just discovered but some I have definitely rediscovered my love for so I wanted to share them with you. Be sure to let me know what you think and if there are any February favourites of yours that I need to know about!

Missfits Pea Protein

I convinced myself for years that all vegan protein was disgusting after a very horrid experience with one brand, so you could say I was nervous to try Missfits Nutrition protein sachets but I’m so glad I did. This protein has no added nasties and is instead packed with loads of really good stuff that your body needs like green tea extract, great for me as I don’t like the taste of green tea so this means I get the goodness I’m missing! It also doesn’t have the horrible aftertaste which a lot of vegan proteins have and comes in convenient sachets which you can subscribe to for monthly deliveries! What I also love about the brand is the community of girls they are creating, teaching us all that protein does not equal Arnie muscles and exercise isn’t just about aesthetic goals but also about looking after yourself (especially with their self-love campaign this valentines!)

If you want some money off your first order you can use code ‘JOSI20’!


Superfoodio snacks

One thing I always struggle with is knowing what to eat when I get home from work. I’m always hungry when I get in so need to have healthy things in the house which are convenient enough to grab immediately and stop me reaching for a spoon and a jar of peanut butter! These new Superfoodio snacks are ideal and the smaller snack size bags stop you overeating. There are also sweet and savoury flavours depending what you fancy that day.


Lizi’s granola

So I am a huge fan of granola, it’s actually quite dangerous for me to have granola in my house because I just can’t stop eating it! However over the last few years i’ve found that a lot of packaged granolas are so sweetened and I really notice the added sugar so I started making my own. As a result I was a little bit sceptical about trying this granola but I absolutely love it – the low sugar version is delicious and doesn’t have an overly sweet aftertaste. I think I have a new obsession…


Sudio headphones

How beautiful are these babies?! These are by far the most instagrammable headphones i’ve ever seen – but it doesn’t stop there. The sound quality in these headphones is amazing as is the quality of the wireless connection which makes them so convenient. Use my code for 15% off – JUSTJOSI


What are you loving this month? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

J x

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