Review: Sudio Sweden Headphones

A few weeks ago the lovely people from Sudio sent me a pair of their Regent headphones to try. These are the premium range but they do also have smaller wireless earphones are available which are much more compact and come with a gorgeous carry case!

Sound quality

I was so impressed by this. I never used to be someone who was too bothered about sound quality of headphones, to me, music was music. I relied on standard iPhone headphones for years and would have never considered spending any substantial sum of money on a new pair but now I’ve tried them I really can’t go back. I find that even when I’m out walking with them on when it’s very windy, the sound is clear and doesn’t get broken up by the wind as with other headphones I’ve tried. This means also you don’t need to have the music on incredibly loud to be able to hear it well, despite not being marketed as noise reducing headphones I did feel like they had that sort of effect which meant I could easily listen to music at a reasonably low volume even when out and about.

The look

Whilst it’s not really about how they look given they are designed to play music, these are honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! The white and gold design is very insta-friendly and the interchangeable marble caps make them look so unique – I know I’d be very jealous if I saw someone wearing them in the street. The design features 3 buttons and there is also an inbuilt microphone however I’ve not tried this yet!


Battery life

I listen to music an awful lot and these really do last a substantial amount of time! I haven’t worked out exact hours for myself but the website states over 24 hours of battery life which is pretty impressive so I don’t feel like I’m having to recharge the whole time. The only thing I found was that, unlike other brands, there is nothing to tell you as you switch on what the current battery life is so if you don’t remember when you last charged them they could run out unexpectedly!

Any flaws?

I think the only issue I have is that they didn’t come with a carry case – they are delivered in a box but no pouch of any sort to carry them around in. This isn’t the biggest issue for me as I generally listen to them whilst at home so I don’t need a case but if you wanted to take them out for the day you might want to invest in something to carry them in. I know the smaller earphone models do come with some form of case so this is only a problem if you’re getting the big headphones. It really isn’t a dealbreaker for me though, the pros far outweigh this minor detail.

I definitely recommend getting a pair for yourself! If you use my code ‘Justjosi’ you can also bag yourself 15% off!

Let me know what you think if you do try a pair for yourself!

J x

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