Review: Laidbare Skincare

I’m branching out into the world of beauty today as I wanted to tell you all about a new product I’ve been trying out recently – the lovely people at Laidbare sent a selection of their goodies to try so over the past month I’ve been giving them a go! I’ve had serious skin issues for quite a while, which even resulted in me taking some pretty strong antibiotics for 6 months last year, so finding skincare which agrees with my skin is a challenge at best!

I have tried SO many brands – from budget to top of the range, I’ve taken advice from beauty counters but for years nothing really worked and the only effect they had was a reduction in my bank balance! So I was sceptical i’ll admit but excited to try Laidbare… their products contain 97-100% natural products so you can avoid all the artificial chemicals that so many products are packed with nowadays at a fraction of the price of the well known natural brands!


DIY Cleanser and Toner

This really is a wonder product – it removes all make up and leaves your face feeling so clean! The issue I often have with cleansers is that whilst I do have slightly oily skin, cleaners make it go too far the other way and it becomes really dry. However this left my skin feeling super soft and I only needed a little moisturiser afterwards. I use it every evening to remove make up and follow with the problem skin treatment cream.

Problem Skin Treatment Cream

This little tube contains a lotion which is amazing at calming sore skin. Any flare ups I have, usually around my jaw line, can be really sore and pop up when least expected but this really brings the irritation down and i’ve found it helps clear blemishes so much quicker than on their own!

Problem skin face masque

I’ve used this mask once a week/fortnight since I got it and I love the feel it gives my skin! It has small exfoliating beads in which help cleanse the skin and make it feel so soft and refreshed. I put a layer of the mask on for about 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water, rubbing the beads into my skin as I take it off to get the full exfoliating effect! The clean feel lasts a good week and whilst it’s really effective, it is also kind to sensitive skin so didn’t leave me with more blemishes like some masks do!

I hope the above is useful for you all.. I am really not a huge fan of switching up my skincare as I struggle to find things that work for me but I’ve been so impressed with this so if you’re looking for an affordable range of natural skincare, this may be for you!

Let me know if you try it on instagram, Facebook or twitter!

J x

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