5 reasons to go on a staycation

In the world of social media, it’s easy to think that travel needs to resolve around #inspo and a birdseye shot of incredible brunches in Bali’s healthy cafes. Whilst I love the idea of visiting all of these places (I’m going to Bali in October!!), I also think we shouldn’t lose sight of how amazing a holiday can be in the UK, or even from our own home. In fact there can actually be benefits to ditching the long haul flight and staying in the UK which you may never have considered! Let me see if I can convince you…

  1. No jetlag

I love visiting America and the Caribbean especially but when I return it takes me at least a week to get over the early mornings, meaning that the positive holiday memories are tainted because the whole week after feels like such a drag! Staying at home or holidaying in the UK means you avoid all of this, your travel time is all you have to worry about as there are no new time zones to consider, meaning your body clock is kept as normal as possible. I also find that without that worry I find it much easier to relax so I feel much more refreshed after my time away!


  1. Less stress and risk

Holidays abroad inevitably bring more risk with them especially if you are spending time around different cultures where there may be different laws, restrictions and risk of illness. All of this brings an added element of stress before a holiday and can make it harder to wind down while you’re there. Staying in the UK means you will be more comfortable with the environment that you are visiting and know what amenities will be around in case anything goes wrong. This saves the panic of having to visit a health clinic in the middle of a foreign country with no guarantee that they will speak English!

  1. Save money

Inevitably, holidays in the UK can be much cheaper as you are travelling a shorter distance and shouldn’t need plane fares, Visas, immunisation jabs etc. This decrease in travel costs leaves a larger budget for activities and accommodation meaning you can stay somewhere that bit nicer and enjoy some great days or evenings out!


  1. Try new things and discover new local places

There are so many places nearby to my home that I drive past on a regular basis and always think I should visit but we just never get round to it. We focus on going far away for holidays and exploring places thousands of miles away, yet there are places a few miles down the road that I still haven’t been to! Staycations are a perfect way of seeing these places – in advance of your time off, make a list of places in the area you’ve never got around to seeing and make it your mission to visit them all.


  1. Less to pack

As I said earlier, if you are staying in the UK then there are certain things you just don’t need to worry about packing! If you have any dietary requirements then you will still have access to the same supermarkets and restaurants so you’re more likely to know what you can and can’t eat. Also, I find when I go abroad I pack so many things as a contingency in case I can’t find them out there, but you are going to the same country (or even just staying at home if you’re having a true Staycation!) so packing takes minimal time and effort.

What are your favourite staycation tips and tricks? Let me know on Instagram, facebook or twitter!

J x

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