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April favourites!

Can you believe it is the end of April already?! I’m not going to lie, this month has been absolute chaos for me and I feel like i’ve not stopped but it’s been full of some amazing adventures so choosing my favourites has been a challenge!

I started the month with a few weeks in London so made the most of trying out all of the amazing classes on offer and also caught up with some beautiful ladies, then jetted off for a week in the sun, so all in all a great month. Let me tell you about my favourite things!

New balance jacket

We all know i’m an activewear obsessive so I always think that additional pieces of activewear SURELY can’t have that much of an impact on my gym wardrobe but I really really love this jacket I got recently. It is so comfortable and perfect for chucking on when it’s not quite warm enough to just be in a vest. I also think it’s just so flattering and fits really well so it’s an all round good egg! I got it from MandM Direct and it was surprisingly good value for something of such high quality, it may not be around much longer though so go check it out!


The Goddess Revolution

This book is an absolute GAME. CHANGER. No word of a lie, I read this in a matter of days and it resonated with me so much. Mel talks about how consumed we have all got in the diet culture and how attached we get to food emotionally. In order to truly feel like the goddesses we are, we have to break away from the emotion and improve our relationships with food. There is such a cycle of creating strict diet rules, starting again on Monday and beating ourselves up for any slip ups. Instead we should be enjoying nutritious and delicious food, fuelling ourselves to feel amazing and just stop stressing about it all so much! I could not recommend this book any higher, I urge you all to take a read!


Aveeno moisturiser

I received some Aveeno products a few weeks ago from a lovely site called Hello Skin, they stock various skincare brands with some especially focused on dry skin conditions. Whilst I don’t have those myself I do find my skin needs a lot of loving’ especially if i’ve been in the sun all day, so I took the daily moisturising lotion and the body wash away with me to Ibiza recently and noticed a huge improvement in how soft my skin was at the end of the week despite all the sun exposure. The products felt really gentle on my skin without being full of harsh chemicals so I would really recommend! Hello Skin have also provided a discount code in case you fancied trying the goodies for yourself, just enter the code ‘HELLOJOSI’ for 10% off. You can also follow Hello Skin on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.



The cherry to top off an already amazing month was my week in Ibiza. Myself and my mumma flew out on Easter Saturday and I spent a full week in the sunshine, making the most of all the yoga and fitness classes on offer. There was a full timetable to choose from and there was such a wide variety of classes so I got to try some really different classes I never would have tried before. The people who run the retreat and also the other people that go along are some of the nicest i’ve ever met too, it really is one big family and even if you’re not the biggest fitness lover, you will get something amazing from the experience. No-one is there forcing you to eat kale and you can drink as much prosecco as you like, so it is very much a holiday where you can relax and enjoy but it also just happens to have lots of opportunities to stay active too which is amazing. I have so much love for my YogaFit family!





I hope you all had an amazing month too – let me know what you got up to over on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

J x

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