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A healthy lifestyle on a budget

As much as I love the health and fitness industry, it does sometimes feel like a very expensive industry to be in! Why is it that buying a healthy snack costs about £3 whereas you could get a chocolate bar for 50p? It’s frustrating for people who try and make good choices when out and about and it sometimes feels like unless you are able to pack every single meal and snack into tupperware, being healthy would bankrupt you!

I have recently come to find though that it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways of keeping to a budget and still getting to enjoy healthy foods and wear nice activewear (one of my main priorities in life!) Here are my three top tips:

  1. Shop on discount websites like MandM Direct

MandM direct is one of the websites I used to order from all the time so when I was approached to work with them I was so pleased! They stock a huge range of high quality brands and the clothes and shoes are so affordable. You’ll have already heard me banging on about this New Balance jacket but it honestly is one of the best pieces of activewear I own currently. So comfortable, practical and flattering and the best part is it comes in at less than £50 which is an absolute steal for something so versatile. I also love this Elle Sport vest which is tight enough to feel secure while working out without being so tight that you feel too exposed! And last but not least these New Balance trainers which are great for all forms of exercise, I am always wary of buying ‘cheap’ trainers as they could be poor quality but these are honestly great which just proves that if you shop around carefully, low cost doesn’t need to equal low quality!


2.   Enter competitions on social media

When I was starting out on Instagram I could’ve spent an absolute fortune buying all the products recommended to me by influencers and friends I’d made on social media, part of the reason is because a lot of the brands are small start up companies so they can’t afford to put their prices any lower! However I started entering competitions which brands often use to boost their presence and found that this was a great way of getting to try new things! They generally require very little effort to enter (often just tagging someone in the comments of a post) but you can win all sorts of food, drinks, event tickets or clothing. My lovely friend Hannah and I are now fortunate enough to work with various brands and we try and arrange weekly competitions to give you all the opportunity to win exciting new things like we did when we were starting out so be sure to enter if you see them!


3.    Be creative with your workouts

As fun as it is to visit all of the fancy London workout studios for classes, they can be very costly and I know I for one would never be able to afford to go to them on a regular basis. However lots of these places offer introductory offers which you should definitely check out (i.e. first class free or first week for £20) so you can get a taste of what the class is like before parting with your hard earned cash. Also things like Class Pass are great as they reduce what you end up paying per class and you can still go to a variety of classes rather than having to commit to just one studio. If you don’t live in London or just still can’t afford to pay for the classes, do not panic! It is perfectly possible to stay fit in so many different ways…

  • Find a group of friends and go to your local park for a run, going together will keep you motivated!
  • Youtube is full of workout ideas that you can follow along with at home
  • There are SO many at home workout guides on the market now, you really are spoilt for choice! Just be sure that your guide has come from someone trusted who knows what they’re doing, check qualifications before purchase!


I hope that was helpful, how do you keep costs low when you are trying to be fit and healthy? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

J x

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