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May favourites!

The end of another month is here and it’s been such an exciting one, I took what was *hopefully* my final exam EVER, we had some gorgeous sunny weekends and my boyfriend and I put our house on the market! All very exciting (and grown up!) times but as usual it has flown so although it doesn’t feel like five minutes since I last did this, I have some more favourites to share with you!


We all know we should be drinking plenty of water but it is harder than it sounds sometimes, I generally find it quite easy but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes which these Infruition bottles and jugs are perfect for. Adding fruit to water not only makes it taste more interesting but it can also add nutritional benefits so it’s a win-win! Infruition make various sized bottles for on the go and also a glass jug which is perfect to keep in the fridge at home with various fruits and vegetables in and looks great as part of a dinner party spread. Here’s some of my favourite flavour combinations:

  • Lemon, mint and cucumber
  • Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries
  • Watermelon and mint
  • Kiwi and apple
  • Pomegranate, ginger and lime


I feel like i’m a bit late to the party with this one but someone recently suggested replacing greek yoghurt (which I eat a lot of..) with Quark. Quark is technically a soft cheese but has the texture of a thick greek yoghurt and tastes very similar just with a less tangy aftertaste! It is a very versatile ingredient so could easily be used in sweet and savoury dishes and easily adapts to whatever you put it with. I eat this as a post gym breakfast with berries, granola and nut butter and it makes the perfect meal to see me through the morning.


Born Nouli Geo Print leggings

As much as I love well known activewear brands (see below!) it is so lovely seeing small new activewear brands launching as they are always designed by such lovely people! Hayley is no exception and she has designed such a beautiful collection of leggings which i’ve been lucky enough to get a pair of for myself. They are so comfortable and flattering so I would highly recommend!

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 17.37.10.png

Sweaty Betty Cactus two-piece

There are no words to describe my love for this kit, it is so jazzy but also really flattering. It has been released in perfect time for summer workouts outdoors and I can’t help but feel motivated to workout when I’m wearing it! I promise you won’t want to skip a workout if you’re wearing this two piece..


What are your favourites from this month?

J x

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