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June favourites

It’s crazy to think that the summer solstice has been and gone (with some incredible weather!) and we are half way through the year yet it still only feels like five minutes ago that we put the christmas tree away. It’s been another very busy month but as always I’ve collated a list of my favourite little things which you must try!


If you follow my instgram you’ll know I recently made the transition across from yoghurt to quark for all of my breakfasts, toppings, snacks and everything in-between! I was sceptical at first but I honestly can’t go back now, I don’t really enjoy the taste of yoghurt at all now i’ve had quark. So when the lovely people at Nutrii offered to send over some of their single serve quark pots I was so excited! They come in a variety of flavours so you can get something with a bit more of a taste if that’s your kind of thing, but the plain flavour is my favourite because it’s just so versatile! I definitely recommend giving it a try.


Avocado pyjamas 

There is no more essential purchase in life than a pair of pjs with some kind of avocado pun on them, this was my second pair! These are honestly so much fun and really light so perfect for summer as they are comfortable and also don’t take up much space if you want to take them away with you. I bought a pair of these for my friend for her birthday and just couldn’t resist treating myself to a pair of my own!


My Vitamins Box

Also this month the lovely people at My Vitamins sent me one of their monthly subscription boxes which contains a selection of snacks and supplements to enjoy across the month, there was such a great variety of snacks in there and the fact that they were all different meant I was always so excited to see what I could have the next day. I have to say my favourite part was the Deliciously Ella ball, they’re just to die for!



I actually can’t believe I used to dislike popcorn, I think I tried a few overly sweet cinema varieties when I was younger which really put me off but i’m so glad I found Propercorn as it is just amazing! The flavours are all so delicious, my favourite is the smooth peanut and almond, but I also love the fact that they are not packed with hundreds of wasted calories making a bag of Propercorn the perfect snack!


What are your favourite things this month?

J x

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