HelloFresh Flavour Generator

As a foodie I absolutely love taking the ingredients in my fridge and creating something new and exciting to eat, food to me is about enjoyment and I really enjoy trying new recipes! However I’ll admit that even as someone who loves being in the kitchen, there are times when inspiration is lacking, I resort back to the same old meals and dinner time gets a bit dull and samey!

I do quite often look at recipes online but generally more to get an idea which I can create something from, I literally never copy a whole recipe from start to finish because I always felt it took the fun and creativity out of cooking but when I saw the recipes on the HelloFresh Flavour Generator I knew I had to try it.


You are given the option of a number of different cuisines depending on what you fancy and what kind of flavour you would like i.e. spicy or sweet for example, I went for something which I never usually have as I really wanted to get some new ideas! Middle eastern food always looks so so good but it’s not something I usually make as I don’t have the basic ingredients at home, however I couldn’t help but be won over by the look of the recipe I generated.

The recipe I generated was the Harissa Chicken with Pomegranate Tabbouleh, a combination of flavours I already know and love but in a recipe that I would never normally make. The recipe itself was easy to follow and the estimated time from fridge to plate was spot on, just half an hour to create something that looks really special and I would happily serve at a dinner party!


The ingredients were also all things you could find in your local supermarket, there was nothing too fancy and it left me feeling really good as it used so many fresh ingredients which were full of goodness. The portion sizing was also perfect for me so didn’t leave me hungry again and hunting for snacks after dinner.

Overall I couldn’t fault this recipe at all, as someone who never follows recipes I found the recipe card very easy to use and the result was well worth it. I had a delicious dinner which I will definitely be making again for sure, and I’ll be heading back to the website for more ideas soon!


Thanks HelloFresh!

J x

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