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A healthy day in London

I often forget how lucky we are with London as a city, it’s pretty incredible if you think about it. There is SO much to do and there is something for everyone, which is amazing but can sometimes make it difficult to decide where to start! I found a few gems recently so thought I’d put them together in a little itinerary for you to try yourself, but let me know if you can think of more.. i’m always up for exploring!

Battersea Park

So this is not exactly a ‘hidden gem’ but I went here for the first time recently and was absolutely blown away by how relaxing it was to just walk through it. There are so many parts of the park to enjoy and different things to see, I think it took us a good two hours and I’m not sure we even really scraped the surface. It’s honestly so beautiful and such a nice relief from the madness that London can be sometimes! It’s also perfect for working up an appetite for what’s up next…


Yorica Froyo

This absolute GEM is based just off Oxford street and I just can’t explain how good it is. I’ve been twice now and both times i’ve been amazed by how good it tastes despite all being free from (which can sometimes end up tasting a bit artificial in my opinion). It is also perfect for anyone with allergies as everything is free from so there is no risk of cross-contaminating. They have various options from waffles, loads of ice-cream flavours or the Froyo which is what we went for! This even impressed my very sceptical boyfriend so I can promise you it’ll get the thumbs up from everyone!


I went to these two places on separate days but would highly recommend combining them if you can, it would be the best way to spend a day working up an appetite then satisfying it with yummy froyo!

What is your perfect London day out?

J x

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