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July favourites

The end of July is here and it’s been another crazily exciting month (although I feel like i’m constantly saying that now, I guess life is just very exciting!)

This month I have changed my job role so it’s been full of lots of learning new things and I also just got back from a gorgeous holiday in Mallorca which was VERY much needed. We had an amazing week full of cocktails, family fun, exploring the gorgeous country and LOTS of food, of course.

As usual I wanted to bring you my favourite things from the month and ask you what your favourite things have been too?! Let’s go…

I have really upped my training the past couple of months so I could feel super strong and confident on holiday, I’ve absolutely loved the new found energy but have definitely noticed the increase in DOMS after my workouts. The lovely people at Backballer sent me their product to try and it’s honestly amazing! I already had a foam roller but I never used to use it very much as I didn’t see it as being that effective. The Backballer is completely different and I really notice my muscles feel like they’ve eased after rolling with it. It’s a bit more of an investment but I really think it’s worthwhile!

  • Vlique

The new app which brings people together and gets you very sweaty at the same time! I tried out one of their sessions earlier this month with my friend Gemma and boy did we need brunch by the end of that… The session caters for five people so it’s a really personal experience where the trainer gets a real opportunity to focus on the individuals. The trainers are also amazing so we had such a good workout and it was also just SO much fun, I didn’t realise how much hard work it was until I saw how sweaty I was by the end as I was enjoying myself so much. SO, I recommend you get that app downloaded and follow Vlique on instagram to find a session near you.


  • PHD Smart Choice protein bars

A favourites post wouldn’t be a favourites post without some mention of food would it? I’m generally quite sceptical of protein bars as they can be really sickly and artificial however, I am a big fan of these! No the ingredients aren’t all 100% natural but we all need a bit of what we fancy every now and then, and for me it’s preferable to a chocolate bar as I know i’m getting some protein in which I sometimes struggle to do through my diet alone. There are five delicious flavours of these bars and I am yet to find one I don’t like, my only issue is i’ve run out!


Over summer I love nothing more than taking my workouts outdoors. When the weather is good it instantly lifts my mood and I just want to spend as much time outside as possible, so I was really excited to get involved with the #naturesgym campaign that Merrell UK created to get people outside. These shoes are honestly top notch, I really can’t fault them and new gym kit is always a good motivator to keep working out right?!


What are your favourite things this month?

J x

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