Exploring Mallorca

I so often see photos of far away destinations and think they look so incredible but used to always feel disheartened that I would need many weeks worth of annual leave to be able to visit because they take so long to get to! However recently I’ve found much more appreciation for the locations a little closer to home and realised how beautiful they can be too. Flights and accommodation in locations in Europe can be so affordable if you’re savvy and book at the right time, which of course means you can book loads more trips right?




I recently jetted off to Mallorca for a week in the sunshine and it just amazes me how good the weather can be just a 2 hour plane ride away! In the summer months, there are so many flights to destinations like this so you’ll have your pick of times and the short flight means you can go away for a long weekend and still make the most of the break. We flew into Palma which in itself is a gorgeous place, there are always loads of cruise ships docked at the harbour and the Cathedral is so impressive.


We stayed in a little town about 15 minutes’ drive from the airport called Cala Blava in a huge villa with incredible views out over the bay. We also had a little fence with direct access to the beach where we spent lots of time fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding! The area was very residential so to get to restaurants and shops was about 15/20 minutes walk away but I quite liked that as it was nice and peaceful. There were loads of other villas around with amazing sea views so it makes for an amazing place to go if there’s a big group of you, especially given how close it is to the city if that’s what you fancy.


One day we took a taxi into the city and explored, we went into the cathedral which was pretty impressive and wandered around Palma to find food after (of course) and I tasted the best icecream i’ve ever had! The cathedral was only 7 euros for entry so I would definitely recommend going for a look around if you’re ever in the area. We then walked around the area where you will find loads of cute market stalls and delicious restaurants near the coast. A lot of the restaurants we went to I found had similar menus, they served tapas, Italian foods like pasta and spaghetti or meat in a sauce with potatoes and veggies – so there is something for everyone and it’s always easy to find something good to eat!




The icecream shop however was the highlight of the day, honestly the creamiest icecream I’ve ever tasted and they had so many amazing flavours! Could not recommend more!

Another day we went into Palma for dinner so it had a slightly different feel but it was still a great atmosphere, that evening we popped into a restaurant called +Natural which was absolute heaven! They serve salads which you can create yourself from a huge list of ingredients, so you choose your base, dressing and as many toppings as you like and it was honestly so good – I sometimes worry when I order salads that they will be small and unfulfilling but the portion sizes were huge. The best thing about this place however was they still did Sangria and delicious puddings, because balance is essential on holidays (you must try the banoffee pie, it’s unreal).



This was a smaller town up in the mountains and it’s supposedly one of the most expensive places in Mallorca for property prices. I can definitely see why as the views are amazing. We spent a few hours there pottering around the shops and stopped at a gorgeous little café called Cappuccino, I think this is a chain which you can also find in other places so if you ever see one you have to pop in and try some of their cocktails for sure. I had a Pimms cocktail which was to die for but everyone loved what they had ordered – there was no bad choice on the menu!




Getting outdoors

It’s almost impossible to stay indoors in a place like that, the views are so spectacular and the sun makes me so happy so I took my workouts outdoors while we were away, I kept the workouts short so opted for HIIT and a morning run in my new Merrell trainers. These were perfect for protecting my knees on the hard ground, something I always struggle with when I run. They also have amazing grip so I was able to really go for it in the HIIT workout without slipping!

I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a visit!

J x

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