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August favourites!

Another month down and, as per usual, it has absolutely flown. I turned the big 2-3, had a long weekend in Budapest, and in the meantime, got myself ready to up sticks and move house. So I guess you could say life has been busy but it’s all good stuff! There is a distinct theme to this months favourites as you will soon tell… I’ve done a lot of shopping and developed a newfound love for homeware – my credit card clearly loves me right now.

So onto a few of my favourite finds, I’ve kept some food and fitness related goodies in there as per usual as you know I can’t live without!

  1. Missfits vanilla whey

This has been one of my favourites before and truth be told, it never really ceases to be a favourite of mine. The ingredients list is top notch and it doesn’t contain lots of added sugars like other brands can and I honestly notice the difference in how it makes me feel as a result of that. There is nothing I love more than making smoothie bowls with the vanilla flavoured whey and topping with berries, granola, nuts and seeds. I also just love the ethos of the brand and it feels so good to be supporting a brand which does such good things for the industry as a whole, keep an eye on their social media for motivation and news of events and if you want to try some for yourself, use my code Josi5 for a discount on your first order!


  1. Oliver Bonas homeware

Now the stress of actually getting the house is out of the way I have been focusing my time on finding cute pieces to kit it out with, as I am based out of London I don’t usually see Oliver Bonas shops around too often but I’ve become totally obsessed with browsing their website and picking out things I’d like to try!


Throw, bowl and ottoman can be found here!

  1. Matalan homeware

I have also realised this month that homewares do not need to be expensive, I quite often look to high end shops for inspiration of the room overall and then find a very similar product somewhere much cheaper! I love Matalan for homeware as a cost effective option, and having bought a lot of Matalan products for our first house, I can definitely vouch for the quality so it’s not a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Large velour cushion, faux grass plant pot and hanging tealight holder can be found here!

  1. Propercorn

Up until a couple of years ago I was not a popcorn lover in the slightest, but that’s because I’d only tried the cinema variety! I found it left me unsatisfied and uncomfortable and just wasn’t tasty enough to justify that, so I wrote it off as a bad job. Then Propercorn came into my life and everything changed… their range of propercorn tastes unreal, makes for a perfect morning or afternoon snack and doesn’t leave you feeling horrendous afterwards so it’s a win win really. I love that it’s now much easier to get hold of the brand as they are available in so many supermarkets and smaller eateries, and unlike a lot of health foods, it doesn’t break the bank! My personal favourite has to be the Peanut and Almond and I could happily demolish a large bag of that without even realising, but to be honest there isn’t a bad flavour at all!


  1. Linda McCartney burgers

Since starting to read ‘The China Study’ on my holiday, I’ve been consciously trying to reduce my meat intake and eat more plants. I wouldn’t say my status has changed and I have not put a blanket ban on anything as I find it so much harder to maintain that way, but I am definitely making an effort to choose meat free where possible and after a few weeks I’m already feeling so much better for it. One thing that really helps is that there are lots of delicious alternatives available in supermarkets these days so you don’t just feel like you’re eating a plate of greens. I’m particularly enjoying the Linda McCartney range of burgers as a way of filling me up and getting a good portion of protein, which I then serve with loads of delicious veggies.

J x

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