The fitfam you should all be following

Finding motivation to workout, eat well, get enough zzz’s and look after your mental health can be tough. Everyone has days when they just can’t be bothered but as social media has evolved recently, we’ve all come to realise that there are a number of sources of inspiration at our fingertips. However… through a number of years of social media use I’ve realised not all of the influences we see are positive. Some people can make you feel bad for not fitting in a workout or eating refined sugar, but really we are all human and over time I’ve refined the group I follow to people who make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable, without guilt or blame if you decide to eat a whole jar of Nutella in one (I believe it’s called balance?!). So here are the girls that do that for me and why you need to head over and say hello!

Carly Rowena (@carlyrowena)

This girl is the ultimate babe. She is the definition of real, happily chatting away on insta stories about periods and life drama that we all go through but which isn’t often documented. She is a personal trainer so always has fitness videos and her own fitness guide to hand if you feel like you’ve lost your way and always favours proper form over going crazy with heavy weights. I also LOVE her youtube channel because she is just so kind and uplifting as a person that you can’t help but feel positive when you watch the videos. And last but not least… Cutest. Pooch. Ever.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 19.33.15.png

Em Sheldon (@emshel)

It always baffles me how Em has any time for fitness with such a jet set lifestyle but she always says how fitness is so important to her both physically and mentally so you have to try and make time for it when you can. Em preaches balance from the rooftops and shows that you can spend your life making memories without constantly having to think about fitting in a workout, and is living proof that a great figure does not come from hours in the gym every single day! She is also my go to for fashion and travel inspiration, her Instagram feed is a thing of beauty.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 19.35.36

Krissy Cela (@krissycela)

I recently discovered Krissy’s page and it’s easy to think from looking at it that she eats, sleeps and breathes the gym. But this girl is in the middle of smashing a law degree and has workout plans for sale which bring incredible results. She prides herself on replying to all emails in super quick time (talk about good customer service!) and focuses on explaining the science behind the workouts in order to educate her followers to enable them to create their own sessions and feel amazing. She is so supportive of all the girls taking part in the plans so you know it’s a job she takes seriously!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 19.36.21

Cat Meffan (@catmeffan)

Whilst sweating it out in the gym is all well and good, our overall health requires a whole lot more than that and Cat is a constant reminder to me that sometimes slowing down and taking time to sit is far more valuable. I’m not much of a yogi at all but her youtube videos are so accessible and relaxing and send me off to sleep every single time, and her Instagram posts are so uplifting. I always find a surefire way to bring me down if I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious is a 15 minute stalk of Cat’s feed, it sorts me right out!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 19.37.33

Who do you go to for inspiration?

J x

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