The Bali food guide

I’m Back! We had been looking forward to our trip to Bali for so so long and it did not disappoint. Naturally, most of our trip was focused around food and we often sat over dinner drooling over the breakfast menu for the next day! If you’re a food lover as much as we are then Bali is definitely for you, the amount of amazing restaurants is unreal and there are more being built everywhere you look. There is an abundance of healthy cafes so you can take your love of avocados with you even when travelling half way across the world, with some less healthy but equally delicious options if that’s what you fancy too.



The only issue with some of the healthy cafes is that they close before dinner time, so Sisterfields is one we went to as a dinner instead. The atmosphere inside is great and it feels so upmarket, with such yummy food options! We didn’t go for a breakfast but that menu looked epic, instead we had dinner there instead and the meals we all had were amazing… I went for the Vietnamese chicken salad with sides of halloumi and veg and it was so tasty! They are also really substantial salads too so you don’t still feel hungry after!

Yoghurt Republic 

One night after dinner we fancied a ‘little something sweet’, you know how it is, delicious dinner but you just need a sweet hit to cleanse the palette… Well in our case that came in the form of the biggest froyo pots you’ve ever seen. Yoghurt Republic is self serve and has a choice of flavours so you pour your own then there are tonnes of toppings to choose from, from fruits to chocolate to cookies to sauces. The staff found our lack of self control hilarious as we tried stacking so much on the top that maltesers ended up all over the floor, it was so worth it though!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Cafe Organic

This is probably one of the more well known health food establishments in Bali, it really is an essential place to visit if you’re staying in Seminyak. The menu varies from perfectly crafted smoothie bowls to omelettes to sweet potato burgers, with equally delicious drinks including homemade roasted date and almond milk (YUM). It basically requires a few visits to really get the most out of this place but you will not regret it.

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IMG_2550 3.JPG


The Fat Turtle

This wasn’t somewhere that was on our list initially as a must-visit food spot but we saw a photo of one of their signature breakfasts and heard good things so decided to check it out. The menu is smaller than some other places but it serves and all day brunch and I can honestly say this was the best meal I had the whole time we were there. Hands down. I had the breakfast pancakes, swapping bacon for more sides of veg and changing the fried egg to poached (not that I’m fussy…) and it was a plate of heaven! Nothing has ever tasted so good and I’m on a desperate mission to recreate it so I can eat it over and over. We also ordered a side of banana bread to have as a sweet course after which was a very good call, it was amazing!

FullSizeRender 7

IMG_3103 2

Sea Circus

Sea Circus was another last minute recommendation but we loved it so much we went back a second time. The restaurant itself is so cute with a quirky beach vibe, everyone sits together along benches and they do amazing juices served as frappes which really makes you feel like you’re somewhere exotic! They use a marinade in a lot of their dishes which is honestly incredible so you can’t go far wrong with the menu. We had the rice paper rolls to start which came with a delicious peanut sauce, then the nourish bowl and Jamaican chicken for main with garlic chilli broccoli and honey roast carrots for sides. They also have cheesecake for dessert and we were lucky that the day we visited it was Snickers cheesecake so we obviously got a slice of that too!

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Kynd Community

This little plant based gem is so beautiful and is sole proof that plant based food is not boring at all! Every one of their dishes sounded amazing it was so difficult to choose what to have – the smoothie bowls looked amazing, the breakfast salad I had was full of so many flavours and was so nice and filling, they also had a huge range of toasts with different toppings and you could even create your own or go 50/50 if you couldn’t decide. I wish we’d gone back for lunch as I would have loved to try more of the menu.

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We actually ended up here by accident as we wanted to go to Nalu Bowls which is a chain that makes smoothie bowls, however this particular Nalu Bowl is paired with Shelter so if you sit upstairs you have the option of eating either the Nalu or Shelter menu… A difficult choice to make! With pretty full tums already we opted for the sharing platter between us which was a huge plate full of veggie goodness in so many different forms, the purple sweet potato crisps were my favourite! We then shared a couple of their raw desserts between us and I can honestly say the peanut slice was one of the best things ever… I’m making it my mission to recreate as soon as possible!

IMG_2363 2.JPG

FullSizeRender 9

Mrs Sippy

Not a food recommendation but we spent a few of our days at Mrs Sippy and this place is honestly the definition of good vibes. The music is amazing, the place itself is amazing, the pool (along with its floating bean bags) is amazing and we could have spent every day there easily! There is no entry fee but you pay around £5 per head on entry and get that back in tokens to put towards food and drink on the day. I’m not sure how else to describe it other than its just a lovely place which makes you instantly feel good… Definitely make it part of your visit!

FullSizeRender 4

Gili T…

The Banyan Tree

I love that even the tiny Gili Islands are now getting the health food treatment, The Banyan Tree is a vegetarian cafe with loads of vegan options which you can visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also have a pretty epic dessert selection! We visited a few times during our time on the island because there was just so much we wanted to try… One night three of us shared the pulled jack fruit sandwich, sundries tomato creamy courgetti and Buddha bowl with a side of edamame and their sweet potato wedges. I can honestly say healthy food has never tasted so good and you would never have known that it was basically all plant based! It really is amazing how much can be done with veggies and how good they can taste.

When we returned for lunch we ordered the mixed veggie platter as a starter which turned out to be a meal in itself, with so many different veggie sticks, crisp breads and tempeh with loads of dips to choose from (luckily we are girls with big appetites!)


For main we then created our own salad, you get a sheet of paper to tick your options on from which base, which main and which four things you’d like inside from roast pumpkin, feta, edamame, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, carrot… Then you choose a dressing! These were also huge and so so delicious, so I’d definitely recommend a trip here.

Kayu Cafe

Kayu is actually owned by the same people as the Banyan Tree and has a similar vibe inside, this time there are meat and fish options available but it is more of a lunch place than dinner. Everything we saw people eating looked amazing and I really enjoyed my smoothie bowl with a gorgeous sea view which you can get from the terrace. If they have the Oreo cheesecake available, make sure you give it a try… So tasty!

IMG_2771 2




The Deck

This place was so picturesque, looking out over the gorgeous white sand beach The Deck had a lovely feel and an equally exciting menu! It was difficult to know what to eat here as they had such a variety which we hadn’t seen before, I contemplated the quinoa coconut porridge but as it was such a lovely day opted instead for the roasted portobello mushrooms with feta and pine nuts (with sides of my favourite things of course!). It was so good, manly because it was really garlicky and I love that! I would have loved to go back and try more as their menu looked great! Lembongan itself is a very quiet island and is very hilly so make sure you pack trainers if you plan to be trekking around!

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