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Stocking filler ideas for her

I’m one of those arguably very annoying people who is obsessed with christmas and celebrates it from 1st November every single year, and i’m not even a little bit sorry! Christmas is just such a happy time of year, especially when everything is all lit up and the christmas songs are blaring. I just find it puts me in the best mood and so I just think we should enjoy it for as long as possible! With that in mind i’ve been compiling a little list of bits and bobs that any woman would love this christmas, let’s go…

Missfits Protein Balls

Kicking things off with something yummy (because food is the way to any girl’s heart…) – these brand new Missfits Nutrition balls are so delicious, full of good quality ingredients and a great addition to a healthy routine. I’ve been a huge fan of their proteins for a long long time (vanilla whey is my favourite!) and trust the brand entirely so I wouldn’t want to get anything else for my friends or family!


Towel up

Anyone else have that nightmare situation of trying to mooch around the house after a shower and the towel just keeps falling down? This little gadget is so handy, it keeps everything in place for you to get on with your mooching (or give time for your fake tan to dry as I normally have to do!)LRG_DSC05018.jpg


Another little foodie feature for you courtesy of my favourite granola brand Rollagranola. The absolute geniuses over there have created a Santa granola, perfect to top any stocking (and it gives you something to snack on before stuffing your face with christmas dinner!) The flavours are all the best things about christmas, and who doesn’t love granola?!


Neom christmas candle

Who doesn’t love a good candle? Neom is one of those premium brands that just nail it every time and this is no exception. They’ve blended loads of gorgeous smelling essential oils and I feel instantly relaxed when I light it up at home. Candles are one of those things that really make a difference to my mood and it’s such an easy way of adding a little something to a room and helping you unwind when you have a crazy schedule!


Urban Decay vice liquid lipstick

I recently went along to Stylist Live and one of the make up artists used this lip colour on me, having been someone who was always sceptical about statement lips, it was an absolute life changer. I spent the rest of the day receiving compliments about my lip colour and it lasted from lunchtime right through to 1am after an evening out! It’s such a gorgeous deep crimson which is perfect for any festive do’s and isn’t too pricey either.


Little Ondine nail paints

I also discovered these gems at Stylist Live and you may think nail varnish is just nail varnish… but these are amazing. They are totally vegan, odour free, toxin free and you don’t even need to use varnish remover as they just peel off. They also dry nice and quick so no messing around trying to go about your day without smudging your nails! They even have some fab christmas gift sets which would fit perfectly in any stocking.IMG_3602

2018 planner

Just owning a diary really makes me feel like I have myself together, it’s a sign of organisation and I love looking through it as it makes me feel so grateful for all of the exciting plans I make with people I love. There are honestly SO many to choose from and it really just depends on your budget, so many brands are really catching on to the gorgeous ‘insta-friendly’ style too! This is the one i’ve gone for from WH Smith…

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 08.56.22.png

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