Baking with Izzy

Baking was one of my favourite things to do as a child (mainly getting to lick the bowl at the end) and I forgot how much fun it could be to bake so carefree. My baking these days is always for a particular purpose… for work, for a family gathering, to take to a dinner, I don’t tend to just do it for fun and enjoy the process!


Luckily for me, I recently had Izzy on hand to remind me how much fun (and how good for you) a spot of baking can be. We made the Healthy Living James best banana bread and I absolutely agree it’s the BEST. We made it into cupcake form which was super cute and made sure it baked even quicker. I love this recipe as it’s full of easily sourced ingredients, nothing quirky that is impossible to get hold of, and it reduces food waste by getting rid of all those over ripe bananas we always seem to have lying around!


We couldn’t forget the main course though… we whipped up my old favourite chickpea and prawn curry recipe (but we used chicken this time) to line our bellies before we scoffed on the delicious cupcakes!


When was the last time you baked for fun?

J x

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