Chocolate Brownie with Mixed Berry Coulis

The third of my four recipes with GATO & Co is a super simple and delicious berry coulis. You can make this with any berries you have to hand and it’s so inexpensive as it works really well with frozen berries. Once made, it can be left in the fridge so it’s the perfect make-ahead…… Continue reading Chocolate Brownie with Mixed Berry Coulis

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How to unlock your inner power

What is inner power you ask? It’s one of those funny things that has different meanings to everybody, but to me it’s all about finding your whole self, being confident in that whole self and always staying true to it through your actions, not allowing the challenges that are thrown at you to knock you…… Continue reading How to unlock your inner power


Recipe: Sweet Breakfast Omelette

If you hadn’t noticed, I love a good breakfast recipe!! This breakfast omelette is a delicious sweet twist and requires minimal ingredients, nothing fancy needed at all. It’s full of nutrients and is great fuel for a busy morning. Ingredients 2 eggs 1 Banana 1 tsp cinnamon Handful of berries of choice 1 tsp coconut…… Continue reading Recipe: Sweet Breakfast Omelette